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Using Tracks with

Video Transcript

One of the features of is Tracks. We use it to offer you an out of the box solution for security incident management, in line with Annex A16, we use it for corrective actions and improvements in line with the requirements of A10. and we also use it for the purpose of Subject Access Requests (SARs).

If you’re a customer user of, you will get the opportunity to create new Tracks. You might choose to use these for patching management if you’re running a software service. You might choose to use them for ideas management, lightweight action management, this is a really cracking solution for that.


Security Incident Management Track

There are more details on Security Incident Management tracking when you get int Annex A16. Looking at the Track, a new item comes in, you then have that item to triage in the To-do column. When you get into the platform, you will be able to add notes and links to other areas if you want to do.


It’s about getting the job well, pragmatically, quickly, visibly and with good audit trails.

In this environment, you have the ability to change any settings. For example, you can change the tagging of an item. If you want a piece of work to go to the ICO, so we can see it more on the screen. All of the evidence is available to see in the same environment. Any team members that have got access to this particular security management track, can all see what’s going on and work from one place – all of the usual mantras.

The idea is to move this incident, over time, following the methodology that is listed in ISO 27001 Annex A16. So not only do you get the tool, you get the policies, and it’s the same with each of them. When you are done you can select an outcome, for example, complete.

With Tracks, you can filter categories, view updates of what has gone on and view the statistics. One of the things you will want to do with your management board working is link through to the statistics areas.

You also get free reporting on the platform, saving you the grief of putting together spreadsheets and presentation slides.


How to amend a Track in

Go into the Settings area of that particular Track. If you are an administrator, click on Edit. Then you simply select an area you want to change, it could be the category or parent and child categories, status, just follow the instructions. It really is as simple as that. A very elegant, nice working area.


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