Let’s get started

If it is not already in the diary, please organise your kickoff webinar by contacting and one of the team will schedule a session with your nominated contact/s.

The purpose of the webinar is quite simply:

To help you get the most from the platform quickly and ensure early time to benefit

ISMS.Online is very easy to use, however ISO 27001: 2013 and other cyber or information security standards can be complicated to ‘join up’.  ISMS.Online makes it much easier to achieve but we recognise people like to learn in different ways so the kickoff webinar complements our other learning materials.

Who should attend from your end?

  • You will want to carefully manage adoption and coordinate access to ISMS Online as part of your broader plan to achieve ISMS success.  As such we propose just your main administrator and or controller/s of the ISMS attend this kickoff webinar.  It is ideally one but no more than two people at this early stage.  We like to keep the sessions intimate and transfer knowledge quickly, addressing questions as they arise but still keeping to time
  • Sessions can be recorded for future playback and sharing with others in your organisation.  Just ask and we will do it!

What we will cover in the session is focused on helping you achieve immediate success:

1 Getting the most from

  • Basic administration including adding new team members, security settings etc
  • Visibility, privacy and security of your platform activity including team memberships
  • Orientation of including the goals of each part of the ISMS and how it comes together as a whole
  • Using the ISO 27001 policy management environment; meeting the requirements, gap analysis, reopening policy areas to adopt, adapt or add to the starting point and manage changes over time, including approvals management
  • Taking the risk out of risk mgt with the risk treatment plan tool, including linking to your policies and controls
  • ISMS Board and reviews including business objective measurement
  • Using frameworks for consistency
  • Communications groups for the ISMS and other key initiative areas
  • Pre-built frameworks and how to adapt them
  • Your questions and observations
  • How to get more help if needed in future

2 – Achieving ISO 27001 and the various starting points

If you are new to ISO 27001 and looking for the best way to start actually developing your ISMS to meet your business goals then we can also share materials and coach you to get there quicker and at lower cost or risk. We will cover that as part of the kick-off work and adjust the session accordingly.


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