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The ISMS platform

We help companies achieve ISO 27001

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If you don’t use when you’re working towards 27001 certification, you’re making your life more difficult than it needs to be!

Mark WightmanCTO, Aluma

So, you need to get ISO 27001 certified…

If this is your first experience with the internationally recognised standard, you’re probably wondering how to get started. In fact, you might even be feeling a little overwhelmed. That’s understandable. It’s a big standard with a lot of interconnected parts. Don’t worry. We help organisations all over the world with the most practical, affordable path to achieving and maintaining their ISO 27001 certifications, every single day.

77% head start on completing ISO 27001

Get an instant 77% head start

Our pre-configured ISMS gives you a 77% head start on your ISO 27001 certification.

77% head start on completing ISO 27001

Your Assured Results Method

Every company who follows our Assured Results Method has achieved certification first time

77% head start on completing ISO 27001

Help on hand when you need it

Our Virtual Coach offers on-demand video guidance to help you every step of the way.

The auditor was very impressed with the platform… There were lots of “fantastic”, “wow”, “really good” type phrases used during the audit!

Cory CoddingtonCISO, Renalytix AI
The ISMS platform

Overcome all your governance and compliance challenges helps you build certainty so you can grow your business

Our powerful cloud software service includes:

  • Compliance and control for multiple certifications, standards and regulations including ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 22301 and GDPR
  • A pre-configured ISMS offering up to 77% progress for ISO 27001 the minute you log on
  • All the help you need with Virtual Coach, Assured Results Method, live customer support and an in-built knowledge base

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Platform features

Disconnected templates and toolkits supported by an expensive consultant just don’t cut it anymore. You need an ISMS that works for you both now and as your business grows.

Policies & Controls Management

Easily collaborate, create and show you are on top of your documentation at all times

Risk Management

Effortlessly address threats & opportunities and dynamically report on performance

Measurement & Automated Reporting

Make better decisions and show you are in control with dashboards, KPIs and related reporting

Audits, Actions & Reviews

Reduce the effort and make light work of corrective actions, improvements, audits and management reviews

Mapping & Linking Work

Shine a light on critical relationships and elegantly link areas such as assets, risks, controls and suppliers

Interested Party Management

Visually map and manage interested parties to ensure their needs are clearly addressed

Documented Procedures

Simply document, easily control and publish your procedures to ensure stakeholders follow them

Other Standards & Regulations

Neatly add in other areas of compliance affecting your organisation to achieve even more for less

Staff Awareness & Compliance Assurance

Engage staff, suppliers and others with dynamic end-to-end compliance at all times

Supply Chain Management

Manage due diligence, contracts, contacts and relationships over their lifecycle

User Management & Permissions

Practical permissions with low cost plans for more regular and occasional users

Privacy & Security

Strong privacy by design and security controls to match your needs & expectations

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