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Linked Work provides a powerful set of tools to allow you to show how all your work is related.

  • Clusters
  • Linked Work
  • Hyperlinks in Notes and Discussions

This guide describes how to use the Linked Work feature.

Linked Work is currently available in Projects, Activities, Tracks, Track Items, Accounts, Groups and Subjects. It allows you to create a link to an existing initiative in, or to create a new one and link the two together automatically.

You can link Initiatives, Activities and Track Items them to other Initiatives you’re a team member of. For example, link a Project to a related Subject, Group, Account or even another Project. Connections will show in both the Initiative where you created the connection and the Initiative that you linked it to.

Linked work in an initiative
Linked work in a Track Item or Project Activity 

Creating a link

  1. Navigate to the Project, Track, Subject or Account that you want to create the link from and click on Linked Work at the top of the page, or if you want to link a Project Activity or a Track Item navigate to that area in and scroll down to the Linked Work section of that page
  2. Press the Add link to related work button
  3. You will now be asked if you want to link to some existing work on or to create a new initiative to link it to
  4. To link existing work, type a few letters if name of the initiative you want to link into the search box and select it from the dropdown list that appears and press Create Link
  5. To create and link a new initiative, select the type you want to create from the drop down menu and click Create and link new and you will be take through the process to create a new initiative which will be automatically linked to work you created it from

Removing a link

  1. To remove a link to another part of simply click the Remove linkat the end of the row for that link




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