Safely move on from COVID-19 News Roundup – 19th March 2020


ICO data protection and coronavirus guidance; how remote work can help companies protect their employees; TechNation published its 2020 report; how the cybersecurity landscape has evolved; and more in this week’s edition of’s Information and Cybersecurity News Roundup!

As part of this week’s roundup, there has been a lot of focus on COVID-19 and its effect on businesses as a whole. Our thoughts go out to all business leaders, their staff and their families during this challenging time. 

If GDPR was the trigger for improving information security management, Coronavirus will be the trigger for improving business continuity management

Also, you don’t need to spend all that time at home worrying too! It’s a great opportunity to develop your business and focus on what you can do. You can come out the other side of this awful situation with a more resilient and attractive business. That will appeal to powerful customers who are going to look for organisations that can be trusted for business continuity and information security.

To find out more on how you can facilitate remote work and continue in business as normal here, or book your consultation here and we’d love to help where we can.

Data protection and coronavirus

In a statement, the ICO released advice to public authorities and health professionals on how to comply with data privacy regulations surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic. The advice explains how they take into consideration the overwhelming public interest in the latest health emergency so that they can interact openly with people that are dealing with it.

Read the full article here.

Tech Nation Report 2020

Tech Nation has published its sixth annual report. This review, named UK Tech for a Changing World, outlines the sector’s progress over the year, as well as how new and established technologies continue to change, evolve and solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. The report also offers insights on prospects and threats and how UK innovation is at the centre of some of the biggest issues facing the world today.

Read the full report here.

Coronavirus: Cybercriminals target healthcare workers with email scam

In this informative report for Sky News, Rowland Manthorpe explains how cybercriminals have targeted a range of healthcare companies with an email scam that claims to be from of company’s internal IT department, the latest in a series of scams capitalising on the pandemic.

Read the full article here.

‘We are in a permanent state of cyber warfare’ say 88% of IT pros

This brilliant post for Security Brief explores how, as the possibility of nation-state attacks increases, countries are gradually adopting national cyber security policies with the same significance applied to them as traditional national defence approaches.

Read the full article here.

Only one woman applied for information security job, a clear signal that ‘something isn’t working right’

In this interesting report for IT World Canada, Howard Solomon discusses how a panel at the Canadian Women in Cyber security Conference in Toronto addressed how women are growing their numbers in information-security positions, but there is only a relatively limited number of women applying for roles.

Read the full article here.

8 Steps Employers Can Take To Protect Workers From The Coronavirus

The technology giant Google’s parent company, Alphabet, was among the first to request its North American employees to work from home since the pandemic of COVID-19. In this interesting article for Forbes, Samantha Todd discusses how businesses have taken the initiative from tech companies in their strategy to protecting their workers.

Read the full article here.

Coronavirus: UK intelligence agency issues public warning about criminals exploiting outbreak

Alexander Martin explains how NCSC experts have made a rare statement to alert the public of a range of attacks being carried out by cyber criminals who intend to target concerns about the coronavirus outbreak to earn money in this fantastic article for Sky News.

Read the full article here.

Why the coming battle over Canadian privacy reform starts at home

Canadian privacy legislation is still generally viewed as outdated and ill-equipped to tackle the problems resulting from the extensive collection and usage of personal data. In this interesting article for The Globe and Mail, Michael Geist discusses how, according to a new study from the Business Council of Canada suggests organisations like banks, airlines, supermarkets, insurance companies and telecommunications giants can build obstacles to change.

Read the full article here.

HIPAA Compliance Services Are a ‘Path to New Recurring Revenue’

In this brilliant article for Channel Futures, Lynn Haber discusses how, when it comes to awareness and the skills around HIPAA, MSPs can fill a hole that would reshape thought around HIPAA, health care companies are already grappling with enforcement.

Read the full article here.

Online security challenges of the 2020s

This excellent article for ITProPortal, Vasiliy Ivanov discusses subjects such as phishing attacks, malware, IoT protection, and organised crime, and offers advice about how to defend ourselves as the digital world is an increasingly dangerous environment.

Read the full article here.

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Is your cybersecurity being driven by an uninsured driver?

UK cyber security is currently worth £ 8.3 billion and employing 43,000 full-time employees, but new analysis has found that nearly two-thirds of UK companies are suffering from non-complacency. In this excellent piece for ITProPortal, Phil Chapman discusses how and why digital aprenticeship strategies can be adopted by companies to combat cybercrime.

Read the full article here.

What Cybersecurity Pros Really Think About Artificial Intelligence

According to a study last year, only about one in five cybersecurity organisations utilized AI in their infrastructure, that has changed significantly as over 63 per cent of companies are considering AI implementations by the end of 2020. Ericka Chickowski discusses how, while there is lots of unbounded excitement from vendor marketing and contractor styles, professionals often hold a lot of discretion in this great article for Dark Reading.

Read the full article here.

How to keep your cybersecurity personnel

In this wonderful article for ITProPortal, Yotam Gutman discusses how the shortage of manpower for cybersecurity has a huge effect not just on organisations seeking to fill those positions, but also on security practitioners who have to deal with the stresses of understaffing.

Read the full article here.

What hospitals can and can’t share about employees testing positive for coronavirus

In this interesting piece for Becker’s Health IT, Mackenzie Garrity discusses how as more individuals get tested for coronavirus, hospitals and employers will need to be careful of what details they share if the individual is confirmed positive.

Read the full article here.

What coronavirus teaches us about cybersecurity

Brian Pinnock discusses how similarities have emerged between cybersecurity challenges, such as the NotPetya virus, and the major threats currently confronting the pandemic in this excellent Gadget post.

Read the full article here.

10 Things I know about … Cybersecurity

In this marvellous article for the Worcester Business Journal, Michelle Drolet outlines ten topics you need to learn about cybersecurity, including how to determine how much danger the organisation is prepared to handle and why you can engage in customer knowledge training and training to alert customers about security threats.

Read the full article here.

A Critical Internet Safeguard Is Running Out of Time

In this fascinating article for Wired, Lily Hay Newman explores how Shadowserver has helped to improve the Internets security for 15 years, but the funding it has received from Cisco to maintain it an independent entity has been cut as a part of the restrictions to their budget, so the company now needs to raise funds urgently otherwise it will collapse.

Read the full article here.

The State of the Cybersecurity Market: Where We’ve Come, Where We’re Going

Irfahn Khimji discusses how companies have come to treat cybersecurity more seriously in the last few years due to a plethora of high-profile data breaches, among other factors. This splendid article for TripWire describes how companies are beginning to understand that cybersecurity is a serious risk to business.

Read the full article here.

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