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Download your free return to work checklist

Everyone’s talking about the return to work. But is everyone really certain how to get it done? To help you return to work safely, while spotting opportunities along the way, we’ve released the Path to Certainty PDF checklist. And it’s free to download.

We have evolved it to help organisations highlight and action the more positive elements that emerge from a crisis, such as increasing resilience, future-proofing and recognising opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

Here’s what our CEO Mark Darby has to say;

“Trust is absolutely crucial during this extraordinary period of business calibration, but trust in itself may not be enough at the moment, there needs to be more certainty. Every organisation has its own unique circumstances, and while instincts tend to veer towards protection during periods of disruption, smart leaders will place equal emphasis on protection and growth.”

“Our customers recognise this, which is why we developed the Path to Certainty to guide them as they’re navigating new ways of working. By using the framework within the platform they’re able to evidence the strongest possible application of safety and security to their own customers, auditors, nervous employees and supply chains concerned with stabilisation. These are the organisations that won’t just survive the current economic challenges but will emerge in a much stronger position than their competitors.”


“The platform is widely used by individual organisations to manage their infosec, business continuity and compliance all in one place and we’re increasingly working with organisations from the Big Four to boutique specialist improvement firms to help their customers achieve rapid results. These expert partners view working with us as an opportunity to more effectively collaborate with their own customers on the most urgent things affecting their businesses right now.”

If your organisation is seeking to bring your staff and supply chain safely and securely through an impending return to work, while actively spotting opportunities for a competitive edge, download our Path to Certainty checklist or get in touch with us to find out more.

Cabinet Office looks to SaaS

In this brilliant article for the UKAuthority, Mark Say discusses how a member of the Cabinet Office’s digital team told a conference that they plan to increase their usage of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and public cloud within their digital estate, as well as to reduce the risk of using of their own device.

Read the full article here.

EasyJet hack impacts nine million passengers

Graham Cluley explains how the budget airline, EasyJet, revealed this week that their IT systems had suffered a breach in January. This excellent post on Cluley ‘s blog discusses how hackers accessed nine million EasyJet customers’ data, including email addresses and travel details as well as 2,208 customer credit card information.

Read the full article here.

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