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Step 1 – Set up

workingOur team are working hard in the background to help you succeed, including preparing your ISMS workspace with all policies, tools, and frameworks you have ordered.

You are your organisation‘s first user and will be a main administrator of the platform. This means you will get to manage your users and liaise with the team for any service activity (you can add other administrators later as needed).

You will receive an automated platform welcome email notification within 24 working hours of payment. If your organisation has strict email security administration, please whitelist

now to avoid your notification being filtered into a spam folder.

Passwords can be reset at

Note: please login as soon as possible as it has a secure token with time-limited expiry.

Once you login you will need to set a new secure password.

Please also take the opportunity to update your profile and we strongly recommend setting up the optional 2-FA to ensure the best control over platform security.

NB: You’ve also been added to an “ Administrators Group’ to receive platform emailed updates and other useful information about your solution and services. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Step 2 – Tips and Fast Start

isms online information security management system

  • Bookmark as a favourite in your browser for easy future access

  • Adding users is simple but make sure you ‘team‘ them into the work they’ll need, adding it to their ‘Favourites‘ to ensure their first ‘Home Page’ experience of the platform is as good as yours was!

  • Remember, because is secure, users will not be able to access the platform, or follow any links you send them, until they have completed their registration.

  • Further help and adoption materials are available through the ‘Tour‘ and the live chat feature on the platform itself

  • See our tips for working well with

  • Our support desk is accessible on if you have any questions about your service or want any physical help

  • Get the most from the platform quickly and ensure early time to benefit with a kickoff webinar (book yours below)

Step 3 – Schedule your kickoff webinar

Quickly get the most from your platform

Who should attend from your end?

  • You will want to carefully manage adoption and coordinate access to as part of your broader plan to achieve ISMS and/or GDPR success. As such we propose your main administrator and or controller/s of the ISMS attend this kick-off webinar along with anyone else who will be making use of the system initially.
  • Sessions will last from between 30-60 mins and we normally like to help you  navigate your own platform so that any content or changes you make can be saved. NB: Make sure you are logged in when the webinar starts!

  • The webinar can be recorded for future playback and sharing with others in your organisation. Just ask and we will do it!

Topics covered:

  • Simple platform orientation, key contacts and support materials
  • An overview of our Assured Results Methodology (ARM) for achieving ISO certification success
  • Your ISO 27001 Virtual Coach – where applicable
  • Using the policy management environment; gap analysis, policy areas to adopt, adapt or add to and managing changes over time, including approvals management
  • Taking the risk out of risk mgt with the risk treatment plan tool, including linking to your policies and controls
  • ISMS Board and reviews including business objective measurement (ISO 27001 only)
  • Communications groups for the ISMS and other key initiative areas
  • Using frameworks for consistency
  • Basic administration including adding new team members, security settings etc
  • Visibility, privacy and security of your platform activity including team memberships
  • Tips and quick wins
  • Your questions and observations
  • How to get more help if needed in future

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