About Us

ISMS.online is one of the UK’s leading Cyber Scaleups

We love helping organisations solve the tricky challenges that affect their success. Information security management is one of those tricky challenges that is affecting success for an increasing number of organisations. We solve that by building and delivering secure cloud software with our and partners’ knowledgebased services wrapped inside and alongside ISMS.online.

We are one of just 20 exclusive businesses from across the UK to be part of Tech Nation Cyber which is the UK’s first national cybersecurity growth programme.  Alumni for other Tech Nation programmes include many household brands so this is a significant endorsement for our vision of ISMS.online becoming the trusted global brand in what is a fast-growing market for information security management systems (ISMS) and broader strategic compliance management services.

Alliantist Limited is the organisation behind ISMS.online.  It is privately owned by the people in the business and our collaborative investment partner Cow Corner.  Alliantist became part of the Cow Corner herd late in 2019 as part of the scale-up activity.



ISMS.online comes from Strong Foundations

ISMS.online has a great heritage. Alliantist was founded back in 2005 by Mark Darby, an entrepreneur, and author who’d had a career in corporates and Big 4 consulting, working with some of the world’s largest and many much smaller organisations.  Until ISMS.online he was probably best known for his book Alliance Brand, and then with a passionate software & operations team, attempting to change the law enforcement & justice multi-agency partnering landscape with the secure cloud software service pam.

ISMS.online originally grew out of Alliantist’s need (back in 2012) to achieve ISO 27001, for enabling higher levels of sensitive information sharing amongst police forces and their partners over pam.  At that time we searched the market for easy to use tools to help us implement the ISO standard and meet other accreditation requirements. We were ‘newbies’ as far ISO 27001 was concerned.  We wasted a lot of time and money on physical resources, bought ill-fitting and incomplete off the shelf documents (masquerading as toolkits) and tried technology systems that you really needed to be a full-time expert to use.

So we did it ourselves from the ground up using our own secure cloud software and the extensive physical effort required at the time, taking a business-led approach and treating it as a major investment initiative (not least because all our future business depended on that ISO certification).  Customers, auditors, and other interested parties started to applaud our approach.  At the time we were busy with pam, but we could see the market need was starting to grow so we kept developing the ISMS service in the background to meet our evolving needs.  Given we’d solved that ISMS challenge ourselves and had repeated success with it, in 2016/17 our efforts then seriously shifted to help others solve it too.  The foundations for ISMS.online were laid.

A vision emerged

It was clear that many organisations, of all sizes, were struggling to achieve and maintain standards like ISO 27001.  With growing cybercrime and privacy regulations increasing pressure even more, forces pushing for a trusted ISMS in organisations and their supply chains are stronger than ever. And they are not going away.

We knew our solution had to be better than alternatives at a price point every organisation could afford because the whole supply chain needed protection and that includes very small business too. So alongside the software service we have a pricing and support model that reflects that ethos. We also wanted to revolutionise the approach to building and managing an ISMS (well as much as you can do with standards and regulations management!) The goal was to make ISO 27001 certification (and therefore trusted supplier status) much more accessible, faster and easier to achieve for all experience levels, not least because the fastest-growing market is those who are new to ISO 27001 and other information security management methods.

Investment continues and results reinforce the direction

With significant product investment in ISMS.online, building on an existing proven secure cloud infrastructure for our other services, it has led to this powerful software service, an all in one place ISMS, online. We’ve focused our initial investments on the product and services, not the marketing or sales. Results reinforce we are going in the right direction.

We now have customers coming to us from all over the world, many different sectors and sizes with varying levels of maturity around information security.  Our Partner Programme is evolving with some great relationships emerging that mean customers can achieve even more with partners inside and alongside ISMS.online. 

We have newbies, improvers & expert customers engaged and achieving their goals, proving that information security management with ISMS.online is delivering on its promise. The journey continues and we are very excited about what the future holds.

All our customers have one common theme; they are serious about information security management and want to demonstrate they can be trusted for it.

Want to demonstrate you can be trusted for information security management?

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