Partnering opportunities for professional services advisors

Ready to protect your customers in new ways?

Your professional services customers need infosec help. You want them to find it through you. That’ll cement your relationship with them and create new opportunities to shine in front of them.

We’ll flex to partner with you. Once we’ve agreed how best to work together, we’ll help you help your customers design, build and implement an ISMS that meets all their needs and more.

That’s because we’re the simplest, most affordable path to ISMS certainty. Our platform will help you stay ahead of the pack and number one in your customers’ eyes.

Protect your customers in new ways

We offer our professional services partners:

  • An all-in-one cloud-based platform that’s easy to adopt, adapt and add to
  • A tried-and-tested path to achieving ISO 27001 and other certifications
  • Support across all 120+ stages of the ISMS creation process

Our partnership approach is very flexible

  • We can work directly with your customers, or step back and leave the heavy lifting to you.
  • It’s easy to build in your own procedures and approaches
  • Our platform will complement your offer, not compete with it
  • You’ll turn one-off projects into three year plus lifecycle opportunities