Cloud-based ISMS Enables Fast & Effective Route to ISO 27001

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Introducing ISMS.Online, a groundbreaking software solution for implementing, managing and improving Information Security Management Systems.


Brighton, UK: In a period of increasing threats to cyber security, reduces the risks associated with information security breaches. It also reduces significantly the investment of time and cost related to achieving and maintaining an information security management system and accreditations such as ISO 27001:2013. A market first, is not simply a set of documents designed to act as the basis of an ISMS. It is a complete and affordable online system on which to build operating security policies and controls, from staff induction through to complex supplier management.

Reporting on’ development, Mark Darby, founder and MD of Alliantist, said, “we used our own pam platform to implement ISO 27001 and it was only when our ISO UKAS accredited auditor told us it was the best implementation of the standard he’s seen did we realise this service could be packaged to help others manage their ISMS and multiple security compliances””. provides:

  • A collaboration-centric software service that facilitates easy communication through groups and projects, both internally and externally, with suppliers, customers and other partners
  • Proven and trusted frameworks that have been built-in to give consistent and repeatable practices for policy and controls management
  • Document linking that eliminates duplication both within ISO 27001 but also across multiple standards such as PCI DSS, PSN CoCo and any other compliance or standard
  • Sophisticated decision-support tools are available for risk management, interested party mapping, security incident management and corrective actions
  • A supply chain module which allows coordination and control of the direct supply chain in terms of provider performance, contract and relationship management, as well as continuous improvement.
  • An information security management system stored online, in one secure place that is easily accessible 24/7. will not only benefit those seeking fast and cost effective ISO27001:2013 accreditation but will help companies seeking to improve their current ISMS and those that demand confidentiality, integrity and reliability of their complete supply chain.

Having gained ISO 27001:2013 in an ultra fast 3 months, Alliantist are now rolling out to other clients.

BrainJuicer is just beginning its journey to ISO 27001:2013 accreditation. Emma Cooper, Senior Director, commented, “as you would expect for an organisation that focuses on insights, communication, and great design, we wanted a solution that epitomised our way of working without needing to build anything ourselves. pam offers us that.”

Sam Peters, Head of Operations at Alliantist hit the nail on the head “Organisations like BrainJuicer are more carefully considering the platform from which they build and deliver their ISMS. It’s no good just buying a set of policies from consultants when the design and management of the system for in life operation is of major importance too. If you truly want to embed information security as a habit in your business and engage some or all of your people on the journey at low cost and risk, then we have a cracking solution.” is an Alliantist Ltd service and is based on its trusted pam platform. Alliantist puts information security at the very core of its business. The organisation, its application, and its UK hosted servers are all accredited to ISO 27001:2013. In fact, in 2014, pam became the first cloud platform to meet the pan-government security requirements for sharing information and working up to Official Sensitive levels.

About Alliantist: has been developed by Alliantist who is based in the Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton, and has been operating since 2005. Alliantist is the company behind pam, an online collaboration software service designed to enable people to work better together. pam is extensively used in the public and private sector and, thanks to its impressive security credentials is the trusted collaboration tool for many organisations including various police departments and probation services.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2nd November 2015

Contact: Julia Heron

Company: Alliantist Ltd

Phone Number: 01273 704500