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Project Structure and Progress


You can view the Structure of a Project in three ways;

  • Outline, where you can add to and amend the structure.
  • Gantt chart, where you can see your Project timeline.
  • Project Progress, where you can view outstanding and completed Activities.

This guide explains the Project progress area and how it offers the ability to view and export Activities and Tasks within a Project, as well as being able to edit them quickly and efficiently.


The Outline is the Structure view that allows you to view and edit your Phases, Deliverables and Activities. Find out more about the outline in the ‘Creating a Project’ help guide.

You’ll find the Gantt chart options in the Structure tab as shown below, you can filter by time period and export as a PDF. In order to view a Gantt chart, Project activities must have start and end dates.


Personalised Filters

At the top of the progress screen you will find a filter bar where you can select the type of Activities you wish to see. By filtering for a selected team member and relevant Activity status (overdue, incomplete etc) you can focus on the activities you need to see.

‘Fast edit’

The fast edit feature allows you to quickly edit multiple Activities from the same screen.

In order to use this feature you must:

  • Be a member of the Project team and have been granted the Manager or Administrator role
  • Or have set the Project with unrestricted Activity management

When hovering your mouse over the Activity you wish to edit, a pencil icon will appear to the right of that Activity. Click the pencil icon to display the fast edit menu where you can quickly make updates to the Activity. You’ll be able to see what you can edit on screen. Once you have made the desired changes, simply click ‘Update’ and your changes will be saved, notifying the relevant parties.

Exporting and customising reports

You can export a list of Activities or Tasks from the Project progress area as a CSV file that can be opened in a spreadsheet tool like excel allowing you to analyse the data further. To export a list of Tasks or Activities Click the button labelled ‘Export report’. 

The following message will then appear.

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