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Business Continuity Management (BCM) Tools

Protect Your Organisation Whatever The Threat offers a dynamic and intuitive set of Business Continuity Management tools that help you prepare for the unexpected, then respond well to it. We give you the opportunity to do all your business continuity, not just your information security.

With our range of business continuity management tools, you can pull together all your ISO 22301 and Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) related work. enables you to do a stand-alone BCMS or you can integrate all your ISO 22301 with ISO 27001 requirements, for example using the Annex L structure.

ISO 22301 Policies and controls has incorporated the criteria framework of Annex L for ISO 22301 and consolidated it into 43 separate activities to be completed as part of your BCMS work or alongside your ISO 27001 implementation.

In addition, the ISO 22301 BCMS Policies and Controls allow you to establish work areas to meet the ISO 22301 certification requirements, including all your Operational Planning, Business Impact Assessments (BIA), Business Continuity Plans (BCP), Response and Recovery Plans, amongst other work, and have it all in one place.

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ISO Generic Risk Register and Treatment Plan has created a new ISO Generic Risk Register for broader risk management. This tool goes beyond the ‘Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability’ of the ISO 27001 Risk Register so allowing it to be applicable to various other ISO issued standards as well, such as ISO 9000.

Business Impact Assessment Tracker

By utilizing our tracks tool, we have established a structure to identify and monitor key areas and processes of your business that are likely to be at risk, defined in your initial risk assessments.

The Business Impact Assessment (BIA) Tracker incorporates the standard track item area. This allows you to record all the findings and evidence from your BIAs, whether you link to other documents or using the Notes function.

Detailed Business Impact Assessment Results Framework

If, after completing a high-level assessment, you are searching for something a little more nuanced and complex, you may want to look at our detailed BIA framework. In collaboration with our partners, we have established additional comprehensive results areas that can be linked to any BIA tracker item.

You can adopt, adapt and add to this framework to fully customise it so that you can fulfil all the specific needs of your company. Your template can be saved and used continuously for all of your comprehensive business impact assessments.

BCMS Incident Response Tracker

As well as business impact assessments, ISO 22301 requires you to look at and plan responses to incidents. We have developed a dedicated Incident Response Track. The Track includes out-of-the-box filters and categories that reflect the requirements of ISO 22301. These can also be easily customised to meet your company’s needs.

The BCMS Incident Response Tracker allows you to manage the incident within the track item if it is straightforward, as well as providing you with pre-built BCP response and recovery frameworks for incidents with more significant impact.

Build and Prepopulate Frameworks

Additionally, has added the option to prebuild and populate BIA Response Plan frameworks.

It means that you can prepare the response plan structure and the activity detail that sits behind it, such as your policies for communicating with first responders. Because of its collaborative nature, first responders and other stakeholders involved in the plan can all be added into for easy and effective communication from one secure place.

It can all be set out in advance so that if the worst were to happen, all you would have to do is assign the owner of the activities and the dates that it needs to be done by. After all, you probably won’t have time to plan in a crisis and just want to proceed with your response and recovery work.