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Compliance Policy Packs for Staff and Suppliers

Get all your staff and stakeholders visibly compliant, quickly and simply.


Have great visibility of compliance

You will have evidence to show policies read and accepted by audience groups and individual members.

Keep on top of progress, knowing leadership and auditors will be happy to see you are in control. Dynamically evidence that staff have read and accepted their policies to ensure the organisation meets its information security objectives.

A screenshot of the policy packs administration dashboard on the platform, offering an insight of progress with a small number of assignments.
ISO 27001 certification made easy

It’s simple for you to administer

Your policies already exist in, so simply define your audience and publish. Check the corresponding box for the policies they need to see and then publish them.

Unlike alternative solutions, there are no complicated folder structures and access rights, no duplication or repetition… Just one secure and simple place to manage it all.

Creating a staff policy pack in

Make it easy for staff to comply

Increase compliance by only sharing the policies with staff that are relevant to their role. Also give them an easy way to digest and demonstrate understanding of the information.

Why not share all policies this way?

As long as they are in you can include all policies so that staff have only one place to go for policy compliance. You save hours of work on administration whilst capturing all the evidence of staff policy compliance.

Beyond policy compliance you can also use this area for statement of work management, documented processes and other procedures.

Beyond staff, you can also extend your policy management into third parties, for example, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders too.

ISMS policies in
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