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Effective human resource information security


Want a simple yet effective approach to the stages of the HR lifecycle? can help.

screen showing a project in for recruitment for a customer success manager

See how we’ll get you to ISO 27001

HR with information security built-in

For those organisations that want to follow the ISO 27001: 2013 standard for HR but don’t have or need a stand alone HR system, you can adopt our simple frameworks, adapt them, or add your own.

Move across the Lifecycle screen that includes recruitment, induction, in-life development and when the time comes for exit and change, handle that too.

We even make it simple to share the policies your specific user groups need to see with our Compliance Policy Pack feature.

list of plans within hr area

Cluster HR initiatives together

Quickly Cluster and organise related work together, saving time in management and easing analysis.

Want to view all ongoing recruitment and screening initiatives for one department? That’s easy when you cluster it together.

Keen to establish a picture on all the employee exits over the past year? Again, simply Cluster the work in seconds and make light work of the analysis.

Learn how to improve staff communications and engagement using

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