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Adopt, Adapt, Add Philosophy


Get a 77% head start on your ISO 27001 policies and controls

Our Adopt, Adapt, Add, or AAA, Content makes it easy to create all the security policies and controls you’ll need for ISO 27001 success. We give you actionable content that shows you how to meet every single ISO 27001 requirement. You can:

  • Adopt the policies and controls that work out of the box
  • Adapt any of them to fit your specific way of working
  • Add any new ones to meet your organisation’s unique needs

That’s what gives you a 77% head start on your ISMS’ policies and controls. Drawing on your knowledge of your organisation to complete each one will be a simple task. Our pre-loaded content:

  • Gives you a ready-made foundation for ISO 27001 compliance or certification
  • Makes sure you understand and cover off every single ISO 27001 requirement
  • Safeguards your organisation by embedding tried-and-tested infosec measures

Who can use our AAA Content?

We make our AAA Content available to all our customers. It’ll be ready and waiting for you when you first sign in to It’s backed up by our:

And that’s just your first line of support. If you still have questions, you can come straight to us for answers from within our platform or over the phone.

All the actionable content you’ll need

Our AAA Content is built on deep ISO 27001 knowhow:

  • Created by a team of ISO 27001 lead auditors and other infosec professionals
  • Based on their 60 years plus experience of ISMS creation, management and auditing
  • Constantly updated in line with our customers’ needs and feedback

It follows ISO 27001’s structure, with each requirement’s content made up of:

  • A “Tips” section, which introduces and explains every single requirement
  • “What we do”, which shows you how to meet each requirement’s needs
  • Where a requirement asks for it, a fully actionable policy for you to adopt or adapt

And it’ll support you to ISO 27001 compliance or certification, then beyond. It’s easy to:

  • See how you and your team are progressing towards your goals
  • Refer back to the original guidance whenever you need
  • Update and evolve for regular, ongoing audits and reviews
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