Build or upgrade your ISMS on our platform

Manage your ISMS policies and controls in one place

An all-in-one-place for your compliance documentation.

Manage your documents across one or multiple standards or regulations.

Follow an efficient approval process gives you the ability to set up an approval process for review of policies, which is a requirement for ISO 27001:2013.

Manage the integrity of work with a visible approval process that includes time stamps and approvers. You can set reminders for review of approvals at a time to suit you.

‘Lock-down’ policies to prevent changes once approved, then easily reopen and update versions if you need to later on.

See updates in real time as work gets done, avoiding the need for wasting time with meeting updates and chasers. All actions are recorded for audit purposes, so you can rest easy that you are complying with the regulations you need to, while you work with the cloud software.

approval process
See how simple it is with

Save time with pre-built frameworks offers frameworks that are easy to follow and great for collaborating on. Whether you’re looking to achieve regulations, certifications or simply to smarten up a complicated process, we have built a number of frameworks that can be made available to you.

You can add your own framework really quickly or we can build it for you too. Examples of frameworks that we can make available include:

and many others.

pre created frameworks for security policies

Get a head start with our Adopt, Adapt, Add policies

In addition to the cloud technology, we can make available actionable documentation and policies that we will pre-load onto the platform.

For example, our framework for ISO:27001 policies and controls takes you up to 77% completion for the standard, straight out-of-the-box, saving you huge amounts of time and cost. In addition, our GDPR policies give you up to a 73% head start with the regulation. If you’re new or seeking to improve policies and approaches, you will find this is a great complement to the platform.

Easily get information into your ISMS

Our investments in user interface make managing your ISMS really easy. Use simple and effective note inputs to manage requirements and policies easily online.

You can upload supporting files in all standard formats. You can easily version documents and describe the changes of each of those versions.

Add or update policies at the click of a button and set reminders for yourself or colleagues to review.

If you need help with the content of policies themselves, we have an Adopt, Adapt, Add approach to the ISMS that will make your life even easier too.

document being uploaded for risk treatment methodology

Work well with your team

Discuss and collaborate with team members on your policies and progress, and easily evidence it. Sharing and retaining knowledge becomes a breeze.

Task others to get specific work done and assign policies to team members for completion.

Set due dates and reminders on work to keep your ISMS implementation on track and make future reviews really easy.

And, having addressed the requirements of ISO 27001 with your policies, you will be ready to start creating your information asset inventory. The great news is, you can avoid complex spreadsheet approaches with the fully integrated Information Asset Inventory.

statement of applicability

screen of discussions around team activities