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Strategic insights from Clusters and Dashboards

Driving sound decision making and actions

Circle-overlap brings together the key elements of your ISMS for speedy access and great performance management

A screenshot from the platform showing view of the management dashboard

Clusters for related work

Your management dashboard will give an overview of how your ISMS is performing.

It is driven by our powerful Clusters feature, used to bring together related work initiatives visibly in one place for fast retrieval and a clear view of progress and outstanding actions.

We deliver your ISMS Cluster pre-configured to contain the features in scope so that you can dive in straight away and get started with ease.

Using the ISMS Overview Report it quickly shows the relationship between policies, risks, information assets across the three dimensions.  ISMS management can easily see where information assets might be lacking risk management or appropriate policies, and also take the opportunity to see if the ISMS is over engineered in any way too.

Information security management system cluster |

In addition to those key relationships organisations can also quickly see who has access to relevant policies and controls by associating Policy Packs to the report too. This shows the whole compliance journey in a simple overview that can be drilled into as required – a whole lot easier than working with spreadsheets, emails and other personal productivity tools.

Auditors also love this view of the world and can see the organisation has taken its management of the ISMS seriously.

Information security management system cluster overview |

Flexibility to achieve your goals

As with all work tools in, you have the flexibility to use them for creating your own bespoke work areas. For example, Clusters is a great way of managing the information security and data protection requirements across a Supply Chain. Simply create the supplier accounts and add them to your Supply Chain Cluster. The dashboard will give you great visibility of outstanding and forthcoming actions to improve your supplier management.

A screenshot from the platform showing ISO 27001 supplier management

See all your actions in one place

The management dashboard gives you a snapshot of how each element of your ISMS is performing.

At a glance, you will see all the outstanding actions across the ISMS, such as security incidents and risk reviews, and be able to drill down for further exploration and action.

You can remain on top of your ISMS to ensure it continues to meet your information security objectives and, of course, ensure your ISO 27001 external audits will never be a last minute panic ever again!

See how you will manage security incidents better using

A screenshot from the platform showing ISO 27001 supplier management
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