Start up, small firm or third sector looking to improve your information security management but worried about costs?


If you are a start-up, small firm or 3rd sector business convinced that is for you, but are anxious about cost, we can shape solutions that meet your goals and remain affordable.  We want to help you implement and continuously improve your ISMS, and if desired, even enable your wider business operation.   So if you are serious about your information security management and meet our criteria for extra help below then ask about our special small org, third sector and start up pricing offered on our Enhanced package.

Qualifying criteria includes that shown below with any supported pricing terms being relative to organisation maturity and affordability:

  1. Start-ups with funding of less than £2m
  2. Small firms with turnover of less than £2m or fewer than 40 staff 
  3. Small government agencies and NGO with fewer than 50 staff
  4. Charities and third sector organisations with limited funding or affordability 
  5. Technology and ICT related businesses operating out of innovation centres, business hubs and similar support centres
  6. Organisations attempting to get a government G-Cloud / digital marketplace listing and achieve PSN accreditation.

If your business changes and grows our commercial model can change and grow (or contract) with it.  We reserve the right to not offer a discount or supported package to any business, for any reason. Other terms, as per the pricing page, and standard agreement apply.

Need any more reasons to believe? offers a comprehensive yet simple approach to delivering success for your information security management system. More than that, it can also equip your team with the tools to get many more jobs done too, from the same secure cloud service.  

As a small organisation ourselves we recognise the tension between investing limited budgets in information security versus other initiatives.  After all, who likes to pay for insurance policies? Yet we could not be without our own version of It helps us get our work done well, more quickly and at a lower cost than other systems. It also demonstrates to customers, prospects and larger suppliers that we are a credible and trusted provider.  It helps us win business!  It is a tool for growth and development, way beyond the insurance policy.

If your customers, prospects or market are concerned about information security (and they probably will be), you can get ahead of others and put yourself in a great position to demonstrate your credibility and capability to meet their needs in any tender response or sales negotiations.