Creating a new user in your platform


Click on the dropdown below your name in the top right of the homepage (as shown below), then click on ‘Organisation settings’

Click the ‘Registered users’ tab as shown below, and click the green Call to Action: ‘Create new user’.


Add the new user’s name and the email address they will be registered with.

If the user you’re creating doesn’t work directly for your organisation and you’re creating them as a partner, select ‘another Organisation’ and choose the correct organisation from the dropdown list.

Note: If you can’t find the Organisation in the dropdown list you’ll need to create it as a Partner Organisation first.


The user’s role on the platform


At this point you can control what the user will have the power to do on the platform. You can choose to give them either the standard user or administrator role.

An administrator can:

  • add users
  • edit profiles of other users in your organisation or partner organisations
  • edit your organisation profile
  • run usage reports

Important! Add users to some work areas to give them a head start

To ensure your new user gets the same great experience you did, the first time you logged in to the platform, make sure they have been teamed in to the areas you want to work with them in. Ensure you make it easy for them to know how to access the work they need to do and see as soon as they log in to by ‘favouriting’ the initiatives to appear on their home page.

To do this, expand the Initiative type and tick Initiatives to add the user. You can add the user as a team member or an administrator to any initiatives that you are administrator of. Ticking the Favourite on Home box will also add that initiative to the users homepage favourites.


Note: Your user will receive the same welcome message from the platform that you do. Alternatively hit the radio button

to add your own custom message to the user…

Welcome email

As standard will send an email to new users welcoming them to the platform, this will include a link to set their password for the first time. In addition, you can add your own content into that message, this allows you to communicate the reason for adding a user to, and potentially direct them as to what areas of the system you expect them to use.

Creating the user

Click create user and a welcome notification will be sent to the registered email address.

The link contained within this email notification to get started is only valid for 3 days, if the user does not set their password within this time they’ll have to use the ‘forgotten password’ process to receive a new welcome email.