Creating and administering a group

A Group is a simple space to work alone or collaborate with others using basic functionality which is Tasks, Discussions and Documents. On occasion, you might also want to use KPIs and tools to make better decisions in the same environment. You can learn more about what Groups are in our introductory video below.

Using Groups

Other users can see a Group and all the information within it if they’re a part of the team, as with all work areas. You can check who has access to the Group by clicking Team in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Navigating to Groups

    1. Find Groups in the Work menu on your main navigation bar.

    1. In the Groups area, click ‘Create new Group’

  1. You can then name your Group and set its purpose and goals; these are optional but a great way to keep the team focused on what this area is.


Once you’ve created your new Group you can add Team members. Using the search under the ‘Team’ button in the top right corner, add users by typing their name in the text box and selecting matched results.


Whilst within a group, you can choose to search within just that group in order to filter any unwanted results from other areas.