Default deadlines for new track items


If you operate to a standard response time for items on your track (or just want to make sure track items aren’t left without a deadline) you can configure your track to apply a default deadline when a new item is added.


To activate, edit or remove a default deadline you will need to have Administer rights over the track in question.

  • Click on to the settings cog in the top right of the track area
  • Find the grey panel with the heading “Default Deadline” and click the edit pencil for that panel
  • You will see three drop downs for Weeks, Days and Hours that allow you to specify the deadline to be applied when an item is created. If you want to remove a deadline set each of these drop downs to the “select” option

How it Works

The deadline applied will be a time and date the number of Weeks, Days and Hours you have chosen after the time an item is created.

So, let’s say you set a default deadline of 14 days. On the 1st June a new item is created at 10:00 that item will be given a due date of 10:00 on the 15th June.

Please note that the default deadline doesn’t take into account business hours, weekends or bank holidays.

If a track item has a due date set by default it can still be amended later to reflect a change in the deadline for that one item.

If you amend the default deadline it will affect new items created after that point, no existing due dates will be altered.