Financial Value for Track Items


Tracks allow you to track the value or cost of work as it moves through your processes. This can be activated on a track by track basis and set to indicate values in GBP, EUR and USD.


To activate, edit or remove a Financial value you will need to have Administer rights over the track in question.

  • Click on to the settings cog in the top right of the track area
  • Find the grey panel with the heading “Financial value” and click the edit pencil for that panel
  • Tick the box to enable or disable financial value as required and use the drop down to indicate the type of currency you would like to track

Please note, changing currency does not perform any conversions on values you’ve entered, just the currency symbol to represent those values.

How it Works

Once enabled you will then see:

  • A field within each track item for value
  • A summary at the top of each Status column with a total value for the items in that column
  • A summary at the top of the track with a current value of items within the track