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How to access Virtual Coach

Implementing a successful (and sustainable) information security management system can be challenging, especially if you or members of the implementation team are not experienced on the topic of ISO 27001.

To integrate seamlessly with the pre-configured workspaces and technology at the heart of, we have developed our Virtual Coach package.

If you think this is something that your organisation might benefit from, click here to learn more.

How to find it

There are two ways to access Virtual Coach content:

  1. In your ISO 27001 Policies & Controls Project, certain Activities will have a button in the description. Clicking on this will open the relevant Virtual Coach.

  1. In your main navigation bar, Virtual Coach has a dedicated page where all of the content is collated.

Don’t have Virtual Coach? See here for our Adopt, Adapt, Add Philosophy – Virtual Coach Sample

Note: You will find that the Virtual Coach content consists of videos, textual information, and example content.