ISMS corrective action and improvements track

The pre-configured Corrective Actions & Improvement Track allow you to simply demonstrate and evidence the work being done, enabling corrective actions and broader improvements to go through a standard workflow process.

How do I access The ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvements Track?

  1. Hover over ‘Work’ in the navigation bar
  2. Click on ‘All Work’
  3. Search for the ‘The ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvements’ Track within the search field
  4. Click on the ‘The ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvements’ link to navigate to the Track

Your ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvements Track will display and will appear as below, only without any track items present.

Using the ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvements Track

The ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvements Track functions much the same as any other Track on the platform. See here for further guides on Tracks.

You will find that the following Statuses are present on the Track. As an Access Request progresses, it will be assigned to the following statuses:

  1. To-do
  2. Assessment
  3. Awaiting Board approval
  4. Implementation
  5. Monitoring
  6. Resolved

You will also notice that the ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvements Track has some pre-configured parent categories, these categories allow you to classify Corrective Actions based on the following.

  • Source: Pre-stage 1, Risk Assessment, External Audit Finding, Internal Audit Finding, Concern/Complaint, Security Incident/Event/Weakness, Measurement Trend, Suggestion, Process Review, Other
  • Severity: Major non-conformity, Minor non-conformity, Observation, Opportunity for improvement

If your organisation processes differ, you may want to customise the ISMS Corrective Actions & Improvement Track, click here for a guide on customising Tracks.

Further guidance on Tracks

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