Opexo – Accounts

Note – Opexo is now part of ISMS.online


Better relationship results from accounts

Great for supplier & other relationship, contract, and contact management

Accounts enable a pragmatic approach to managing important relationships (account management). Initially, Accounts was focused on suppliers to help demonstrate effective relationship engagement, contract, contact and broader performance management in line with ISO 27001 and GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. However, it offers so much more to organisations dependent on others for their success.


account reports on opexo


Accounts features

  • Segmentation of relationships according to type, tier, value & importance
  • Contract management, lifecycle planning & alerts
  • Contact management and stakeholder mapping
  • Personal data processing tags and alerts (for GDPR/DPA)
  • Automated reporting on account, contract and contact performance
  • Recording and broadcasting notes with version control
  • Tasking for compliance
  • Discussions
  • Document management with version control
  • Use of subscription tools
  • Updates feed – a passive feed, visible to all Team members, of the activity in that initiative
  • Automated audit trails and timestamps
  • Connections to other work for ease in navigation and mapping relationships, as well as addressing privacy issues
  • Email notifications

Example use cases

  • Supplier relationship, contract and contact management
  • Customer relationship, contract and contact management (simple CRM and beyond)
  • Partner management
  • Group, sister and subsidiary company management
  • Legislator & Regulator coordination (for GDPR and DPA)
  • Other important relationships