Opexo – Deactivating users

Note – Opexo is now part of ISMS.online


Deactivating a user

Deactivation of users is done by an opexo system administrators.

Deactivating a user immediately removes their access to the platform and any work areas they were involved in. Any work they created and a history of the actions they took on the system will however remain to ensure integrity and knowledge management.

As an opexo administrator it takes just seconds to deactivate another user:

  • Click your name in the top right of the platform and choose ‘organisation settings’
  • Go through the registered users to find the user you wish to deactivate
  • Click their name, then click the ‘Preferences’ tab at the top
  • Scroll down the page and click the red ‘Deactivate’ button
  • The user immediately loses access per above and the user is then shown in the deactivated users listing


user management on opexo


Users can be reactivated if needed in future by an opexo administrator.  They simply reactivate the user (found in the deactivated users listing tab within the registered users area) and it sends the user a secure token to log on and reset their password in the normal manner for new users.  Note – they will not be automatically reallocated to their past work, which will need to be done in the normal manner for teaming in new users to initiatives.

Licencing of users on your subscription plan

Deactivated users do not count towards the licence plan subscription, and any additional users that were being billed for prior to deactivation will be removed from future billing cycles in line with the terms.