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Projects are a place for planning, organising and structuring related work activities, in a SMART auditable well-governed fashion, with independent approval workflow as an option too. Projects are excellent to collaborate in and demonstrate delivery of the work all in one place.

Projects can be one-off or repeated as frequently as you need them by developing consistent Project Frameworks.


data privacy and privacy impact assessment area


Project features

  • SMART activity environments
  • Structuring work: Phase, Deliverable Activity breakdown
  • Board approval process
  • Automated progress reporting, charts & filters
  • Categorisation & reporting
  • KPI’s
  • Reminders, alerts
  • Frameworks for consistency and repeatability
  • Recording and broadcasting notes with version control
  • Tasking
  • Discussions
  • Document management with version control
  • Use of subscription tools
  • Updates feed – a passive feed, visible to all Team members, of the activity in that initiative
  • Automated audit trails and timestamps
  • Connections to other work for ease in navigation and mapping relationships, as well as addressing privacy issues
  • Email notifications

Use cases

  • Policies & controls planning, development, review and ongoing compliance
  • Audit planning and delivery
  • Business change, small and large project working
  • Healthchecks, diagnostics, gap analysis,
  • GDPR privacy and LIA impact assessments
  • Agile working using daily, weekly, monthly tasking & delivery
  • Meeting prep, minutes and actions, such as Management Reviews
  • HR lifecycle work, personal, team and org development
  • Supplier onboarding, development, exit management
  • New product development, business plan delivery
  • Demonstrating information security in projects (A6.1.5)