Opexo – Getting started (part one)

Note – Opexo is now part of ISMS.online



Welcome to opexo, the management system builder for growing businesses. There are three components behind your success.

  1. The opexo software service
  2. The actionable documentation to get you a great head start
  3. Your specific organisation experience to build on that strong foundation

Whether you’re aiming for a stage one ISO audit, preparing for stage two certification or perhaps improving your existing management system, it just got a lot easier! These guides are designed to help you take your first steps on the platform. Use the contents menu below or simply digest the page and follow each link at the bottom.

Let’s now look at those three components in a little more depth and then you’re ready to accelerate the achievement of your objectives!

The best software for the job

Opexo provides what you need the minute you log on, with pre-built work areas and tools to support the different jobs required of an efficient and effective management system, all in one place.

After you’ve logged in, there will be two favourites on your home page; the ISO Policies and Controls area and the Risk Map tool. Both are fundamental to your management system success. You can easily add to or change the favourites whenever you want too.  Everything you’ve subscribed to is also easily accessible from your main ‘work’ menu on the top navigation.


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‘Head start’ documentation for you to adopt, adapt and add to

As well as pre-built areas to get those management system jobs done, opexo also includes a range of templates, guidance and supporting material on how you can achieve the ISO standards. Whilst we give you a massive head start on progress, you’ve still got a bit of work to do and must make the documentation reflect your organisation needs.  You can Adopt, Adapt or Add to our approach. For example:

  • Some documentation is fully formed so you can simply ‘Adopt’ it and also take advantage of the pre-built work areas that complement it e.g. risk, incidents, non-conformities, supply chain etc.
  • There are parts of the system where you can quickly ‘Adapt’ documentation to ensure it is relevant to your organisation e.g. business objectives, roles and responsibilities, specific issues facing the organisation, interested parties etc.
  • In some cases policies will be unique to the way your business operates.  Whilst we offer guidance and tips, you’ll probably already know the answers because it is about how you work, so you can add these easily too.

Follow our Adopt, Adapt, Add philosophy and use the pre-built areas of the platform to make the documentation ‘actionable’.


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Making it easy for you (and your team)

Opexo is a great management system that has a massive head start with practical and actionable documentation and pre-built work areas.  That coupled with your experience is all you need to get going!  You’ll be the only user on the system initially however your standard licence includes up to three users so feel free to add colleagues too. Adding other users lets you share work, review policies and deliver an effective management system in less time. Auditors want to see an independent/peer approval with regular reviews and opexo makes that easy as you’ll see later too.

Setting up new users is a simple process taking less than 30 seconds. Click on your name in the top right corner, then Organisation Settings, then new click the create new user button and complete that simple process, adding the new user into work you want to share with them.

Note: If you want more than three users to work on your system just add them in and we’ll amend your subscription to reflect the new user numbers


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