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Opexo – Groups

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Getting the best from Groups

Great for simple storage, sharing communication & compliance

Groups enable secure storage and sharing of information in the cloud, whether for personal backup and flexible access, working with a specific team internally or externally, all the way up to communicating or demonstrating compliance across whole organisations and supply chains.


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Groups features

  • Recording and broadcasting notes with version control
  • Tasking for compliance
  • Discussions
  • Document management with version control
  • Use of subscription tools
  • Updates feed – a passive feed, visible to all Team members, of the activity in that initiative
  • Automated audit trails and timestamps
  • Connections to other work for ease in navigation and mapping relationships, as well as addressing privacy issues
  • Email notifications
  • Adding Groups into other initiative areas (for large team management)


Example use cases

  • Internal communications and awareness to meet ISO
  • External communications (e.g. with strategic suppliers)
  • Simple information storage and backup for work you dont want on google or dropbox (subject to reasonable use)
  • Private workspaces for Directors, PAs etc
  • Special interest groups, thematic working
  • Alternative to shared folders/drives where it’s helpful to use notes/discussion as well as documents
  • Fast add of larger teams to other initiative areas e.g. add a large group to a Policies & Controls project