Opexo – Winning with tracks

Note – Opexo is now a part of ISMS.online


Great for tracking & controlling work items with a consistent process

If you need a place for quickly moving and tracking (usually) small unrelated pieces of work through a simple consistent workflow process, Tracks is brilliant. It has very configurable settings, automated statistics and reporting which is great for reviewing performance, managing demand, assessing bottlenecks, identifying patterns and showing results – all without a clunky spreadsheet or PowerPoint document in sight!


tracks in opexo

Tracks specific features

  • User customisable workflows and statuses
  • Automated item numbering/case tracking
  • Flexible categorisation and settings options
  • Filters, listing and column views
  • Item deadline management
  • Automated stats reporting and insight
  • Reminders, alerts
  • Recording and broadcasting notes with version control
  • Tasking
  • Discussions
  • Document management with version control
  • Updates feed – a passive feed, visible to all Team members, of the activity in that initiative
  • Automated audit trails and timestamps
  • Connections to other work for ease in navigation and mapping relationships, as well as addressing privacy issues
  • Email notifications

Example use cases

  • Nonconformance, corrective actions, incidents and improvement
  • Information security incident, event and weakness management
  • Staff and team action tracking
  • Customer adoption and support management
  • Ideas management & new product innovation roadmap
  • Change control items internally and or supplier focused work
  • Inventory work such as Information Asset Inventory for ISO 27001
  • GDPR personal data inventory and records processing tracker
  • Simple pipeline management
  • Freedom of information, complaints, subject access requests tracking
  • Marketing team content production
  • Server patching management