Opexo – Understanding your homepage

Note – Opexo is now part of ISMS.online

Understanding your opexo homepage

Sitting behind the simplicity of your opexo homepage is the ability to see and quickly navigate to areas of importance in your management system. This is your home page and the work on it is relevant to you, either because you need to do it (your to-dos), or want to see how others are getting on in work initiatives where you are also a team member (the updates feed).

The image shows 4 key work areas:


homepage overview


1 – Favourites:

  • We have automatically configured your first two favourite work initiatives.  You can quickly add more by clicking the ‘add favourite’ button and searching for the name of an initiative you have access to.
  • Removing initiatives is easy too; simply hover over the favourite and you’ll see an option to remove it.  Just for clarity, that only means it goes from your favourites area, it doesn’t delete the initiative – phew!

2 – To-do list:

  • Any to-dos you’ve set yourself or have been set by others appear here, with deadlines on the work if relevant. You can simply interact with the to-do from the homepage and also click through to more detail where required.
    This to-do list view is your private view but any to-dos that are part of shared work e.g. a Policies and Controls project means all the relevant to-dos also appear there too. Adding to-dos on the home page ‘add to-do’ button is great for planning your private tasks. We suggest you add to-dos within the relevant work initiative e.g. a Policies and Controls project when they relate to that area of work as it helps everyone in that team see everything in one place and aids reporting, progress measurement etc.

3 – Updates feed:

  • You can see what’s going on at a glance in any work you are involved in as a team member, and click on that update if required to see more information.  No more sitting in lengthy meetings falling asleep or doodling during verbal updates, let the platform coordinate & monitor that for you and save time!  This complements your email notifications if you have them turned on. It feeds updates on all work you have access to as a team member, rather than just specific notifications sent to you via email.

4 – The top menu (always on):

  • See more about this further down.

In addition to the work areas above it’s also worth mentioning that there are tours and access to the support centre from your home page (and other areas of the platform too).  We recommend following the tour for each area; its quick and easy, taking just a few seconds each time.

If you also want to switch the view of your to-dos and favourites then just go to your preferences area (under your name at the top right) and select my preferences.  Choose the view you want and then click save it at the bottom of your preferences page.

Always in view is the top menu offering fast access to key parts of the platform as shown in the image below:

  • The Work menu takes you quickly to all your work, specific initiative areas (e.g. Groups) and you can see recently accessed work for a quick path back to it wherever you are on the platform.
    Initiative types (e.g. Projects) are displayed based on the scope of your organisation’s subscription e.g. if the Accounts optional extra is not showing, it’s because that was not subscribed to at the time (you can add it at anytime, just contact support@opexo or go into your subscription billing account area).
  • Under your name is a drop down menu for accessing and amending your profile, preferences, viewing the organisation settings including seeing other registered users (and conducting opexo system administrator work where relevant)
  • You is simply a quick way to see all your to-do list and updates, not just those on your homepage.
  • Search is great to find any work you have created yourself or that has been shared with you by others.   Want to quickly search for a specific policy? It’s easy now……


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