Opexo – Tips and habits to use your time well

Note – Opexo is now part of ISMS.online

How efficient do you want to be?

Opexo is all set up ready for you and your colleagues to reap the rewards of working well online, focusing on what you want to achieve rather than waste time on considering how to do it.

We’ve also included tips, guides and documentation on the platform to help you get a major head start. So now it’s up to you, and we thought it might also be helpful to share some tips to help you use your time well.

You probably already know there are significant benefits to be had from working digitally, otherwise why choose opexo! So whether you are looking for major or marginal gains in productivity, building new habits quickly, finding easier ways of working as a team, or just want to try and justify an extra monitor, please accept the tips below in good faith. If you have others that you think are worthy of mention, please let us know via support@isms.online!

Navigation and productivity

  • Get to the service quickly – bookmark or favourite http://platform.opexo.com for easy access
  • Consider using two monitors – use one monitor to display your policies and controls structure, then the other one for working around your main controls environment, managing risks and linking them to policies and controls from that main structure to demonstrate your joined up management system.
  • Alternatively if you don’t have dual monitors use multiple browser tabs – the features, flexibility and performance of modern browsers means you can navigate in and around your management system with ease quickly and keep returning to a key place e.g. your policy structure, without getting lost or wasting time.
  • Right clicking with your mouse to open a new tab is a really simple and easy way to increase your productivity with multiple browsers, and great for when you want to quickly create links between pages, or copy and paste other content. Depending on your browser preferences you can have the new page open automatically too.

Habit building and team working

  • Do a little everyday and celebrate the power of small wins as you start your implementation – consider setting a small amount of time in your schedule each day to do something of value around your management system; it could be adding a risk, adopting, adapting or adding a policy, starting or answering a discussion with colleagues, adding an improvement opportunity etc.
  • Most of our customers have transformed their ways of working using digital and remote engagement to get work done and save time. Organisations can save so much time by reading updates in advance of a meeting instead of sitting and listening to a round of updates you will have forgotten a few minutes later……. See where you can cut out old ways of working (e.g. paper, email, physical meetings etc) and introduce new practices alongside opexo to help get the job done really well.
  • Be a good collaborator – we all get peeved with email broadcasts and opexo helps manage the problems of email by keeping the work together in one place, making it easy for communication and knowledge management without relying on email. You can still inform people by email notifications, but do so with consideration! (Users can set their email preferences in their profile area at the top right of the platform).
  • How many times has someone made reference to something only for you to need to spend ages trying to find it (or not bother). Adding a hyperlink to a note, discussion, document or other record internally and externally takes seconds for the user and it will save minutes or much longer for those who would otherwise need to find it.
  • opexo allows users to task others to get work done, and set deadlines for delivery too. Like other positive behavioural changes that the service facilitates, if you are not used to that way of working beforehand, then agree the ground rules with colleagues as part of your service rollout. opexo really shines a light on performance but as we all know, no one likes receiving a curt task to do something in an unrealistic timescale so please agree those general performance expectations within your appropriate cultural norms.

Other useful stuff