Risk Register – New features

A screenshot demonstrating risk ID options Introduction

We’ve made some changes to make managing risks even easier in ISMS.online.
This includes;

  • Improving the layout of the Risk page
  • Making it quicker to add a reading
  • Helping users quickly set treatment options, review dates and reminders for Risks

New Risk detail view

By streamlining the Risk detail view so you can see the key aspects of your risk quickly and easily. Just like other areas of ISMS.online you can now click to edit fields like the Risk description or the review date. The initial reading and the target reading can also be viewed.

By compacting this area we’ve also made it easier to see any work that Risk is linked to.

A screenshot of the Add a Reading options screen Adding a reading

We’ve joined the action of adding a reading with the graph that shows the risk readings over time. We’ve also made it easier to set a risk treatment approach and target while updating a risk reading. Both of these are optional but will help you more effectively manage your risks.

A screenshot of our risk readings graph


Review and Reminder Dates A screenshot from the ISMS.online platform, demonstrating how to arrange a review

Once a reading has been added ISMS.online will now suggest a review date based on that Risk’s position on the map. This mirrors the Adopt, Adapt, Add Risk methodology we provide for 6.1 of the ISO requirements.

The review dates are suggested as follows:

  • Black = 1
  • A screenshot demonstrating the assignment of tasks to people within a risk management project
  • month
  • Red = 3 months
  • Yellow = 6 months
  • Green = 12 months

As well as suggesting a review date we also allow you to, optionally, set a reminder before the risk is due for review. This helps ensure you focus on the risks that require your attention at just the right time.