Updates feed

What is it?

Your updates feed is a real-time list of things that are happening in areas of ISMS.online that you have access to. What you see on your updates feed is specific to you, and other people in your organisation may see the same or different updates in their feed depending on which areas they have access to.

You can interact with your updates feed by clicking the blue links; this will take you to the area that specific update happened in. For example, if you were to click ‘Welcome all‘ as seen in the picture below, you’d be taken to view that Discussion. If you were to click the small-print below it, you’d be taken to the Project that Discussion was held in.

ISMS.online Notifications

Depending on how you have set your notification settings, you receive an email when

  • you’re notified of a Discussion or Note
  • you’re assigned a Task, Activity, Risk, Contract, or Track Item
  • When the due date of something assigned to you is reached
  • a report you’ve exported is ready to download