Usage Reports


The usage reports on the platform are designed to make it easy for you to monitor the usage of within your organisation. If you’re a Administrator, you can use the usage reports to gain information on the following points:

  • Organisation items – export a list of Projects, Accounts, Alliances or Groups and see who is responsible for them, how many team members they have and when they were last updated.
  • User overview – view a list of users that have been active in a time period selected by you, and see a basic overview of their activity on the platform.
  • Activity by module – see a more comprehensive list of user activity with work divided into tools.
  • Logins – see the total amount of logins at your organisation over a time span of your choice.


Access the usage report area

Usage reports are managed within the ‘Organisation settings’ page found in the top right hand corner name dropdown.

Then click on the ‘Usage reports’ tab.

Organisation items

The organisation items report will provide you with a list of Initiatives currently in use within your organisation. The list includes the Initiative name, visibility, number of team members, number of Tasks, Documents and Discussions, when it was last updated and the owner/manager along with their email address. If you’ve exported a report on a Project, it will also include its start and end date, the number of Phases, Deliverables and Activities and the percentage of completion.

To export a report, click the grey button in the ‘Organisation items’ section of the usage reports tab. Your report will begin processing, and it will appear in your Updates feed when it is ready to download. Simply click the blue hyperlink to download it, once downloaded you can open it in excel.

User overview

The user overview provides a basic view of user activity within your organisation during a predetermined timeframe. This information is presented in a list containing the user names accompanied with their giving and receiving activity.                                                      Giving – This means contributing in some way to the platform. This could mean replying to a Discussion, uploading a document or creating a Group. It’s active work on
Receiving – This means viewing the platform, receiving activity could be looking at a Discussion or downloading a Document.

To trigger the report. Do this by clicking ‘View’ next to user overview, as shown below.

You can then select the timeframe you wish the report to reflect. Do this by clicking the grey Change button shown below and inputting your desired dates.

You’ll then be taken to a page labelled ‘Activity breakdown with the options seen below. View the giving and receiving activity of users, explained by the key also shown below. You’ll see the full list of users and their activity in the timeframe you provided.

You can filter this in order of giving or receiving activity by clicking either Give or Receive.
This list can easily be copied and pasted into a document or spreadsheet.

Activity by module

Click the grey ‘View’ button next to Activity by module.

Use the same process as above to select the timeframe you wish to run the usage report on.

You’ll then be presented with a table as shown below that shows the percentage of giving and receiving each user has done split across the Initiatives. Just like in the user overview, you can sort this list by clicking on the Give and Rec buttons.

Follow the same process to produce an Activity by tool report.


This report shows the number of logins recorded from your Organisation across a chosen period of time. It’s presented in a graph to show trends and peak times.

Firstly, select whether you wish to show the results by month, day, week or quarter in the graph. Once you’re happy with your decision, click View.

Then, once again, follow the same process as you did with the other reports to determine your timeframe.