Using Accounts in

In the platform we have an area called Accounts. This area is all about key account management or relationship management if you will.

Managing relationships with

In Accounts you will see that we have focussed in on the ability to manage relationships – in particular, the supply chain relationships, because that is a fundamental part of annex A15 in the ISO 27001 certification. Supply chain management is also a really important part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it is a growing area for organisations to address threats and vulnerabilities around the supply chain.

In the Accounts package we have the ability to have different categories and tiers of accounts, but right now we are going to focus in on the Supplier type. Of course, you can choose to use it for all forms of relationship management.

The Accounts interface

When we expand a supplier account in this section of the platform, we see that we have a simple contact management feature, giving us the ability to capture their contact details. It’s an important requirement for the General Data Protection Regulation that we capture the contact details of the Data Protection Officers in the organisations of those that are running our data processing.

Here you will see the stakeholder setting that we have built where you can measure satisfaction and your contact management side.

One of the challenges around contract and supplier management is that it’s about working with people. You don’t want to fall out with your supplier and find that you have left yourself vulnerable to information security breaches. So one of the things that we encourage is that when you are updating one of your Notes and tasking around the work that’s going on, and sharing with your colleagues internally, take the opportunity to manage the satisfaction and power interest levels of your contacts.

A key part of the platform for account management is the ability to add contracts including income, expenditure and non-financial, or holding your non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

You have the ability to log the type, status, capture the importance and risk – all giving you an indication of the contact’s value. Just as in many areas of the platform, you can task, set reminders to review documents and contracts, discuss ideas, put measurements in place – a very powerful and cost-effective way of managing relationships.