How to achieve cyber hygiene and avoid being cleaned out

We often talk about the importance of hygiene in business.  Getting the basics right for your organisation is just like showering; do it well and no one notices. Don’t do it and people become aware very quickly!

There is probably no more important an area for business hygiene right now than Information Security.  I was therefore pleased to hear Garry Bernstein reinforce a number of hygiene points during his talk at the Digital Leaders event in Brighton on Cyber Resilience.

Ransomware and the ticking clock of cyber security

Ransomware and the ticking clock of cyber security

Lincolnshire County Council is the latest victim in a cyber attack which saw its network shut down when it refused to pay the £1m ransom.

Ransomware is a nasty form of malware often delivered as an attachment to spammed email and, yet again, highlights the need for greater security education and improvements in the way we manage information security threats.

There are some really great practical tips for preventing ransomware attacks in this post by Bill Hearn on Linkedin 11 things you can do to protect against ransomware.