Looking for funding, mergers & acquisitions or an exit in 2017? Better sort your ISMS!

Looking for funding, mergers & acquisitions or an exit in 2017? Better sort your ISMS!

Yahoo is the latest example of how cyber security impacts a business.  Not just in terms of threatened fines from regulators, loss of business and reputation, or hikes in insurance premiums, but in damaging exit value for shareholders.

So, if you are interested in future investment, mergers and acquisitions, or perhaps an exit of your business, then passing due diligence on cyber and information security is a must. Otherwise your final deal value might cost you a helluva lot more than a practical ISMS.  

PRESS RELEASE: Alliantist becomes Preferred Partner in the UKCloud Partner Programme and formally launches new ISMS.online service

Alliantist is a secure cloud service provider proven in government for its pam software and other multi-agency solutions focused on justice and law enforcement.  UKCloud, the winner of the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 recently launched its new Partner Programme and has awarded Alliantist ‘Preferred Partner’ status.

A range of Alliantist services are already being securely delivered from the UKCloud Assured Cloud platform, including the trusted multi-agency sharing solutions that help with Safeguarding and Organised Crime Group Management.  In addition a new information security management system solution called ISMS.online is being launched too. 

Announcement – How to prepare for EU GDPR

Announcement – How to prepare for EU GDPR

On Monday 24th October The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley MP, confirmed to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee that the EU GDPR will apply to the UK.

For those holding off taking action whilst waiting for Brexit bedlam to subside...the position is now clear and unquestionable.

Organisations will have until May 2018 to comply or suffer the consequences of increased finesin the event of compliance failures.

Forward thinking organisations will view early compliance as an opportunity.

More than just TalkTalk – A huge fine and a lesson in information security management for organisations large and small

Like many, we’ve been following the major TalkTalk personal data breach of 2015. It has been difficult to ignore!

So serious was it that it sparked a formal enquiry by the Culture, Media and Support Committee and now, the latest news from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reveals the £400k fine they have levied on TalkTalk…the largest ever!

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