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Why security should not be an Enigma to CEO’s

Social Media has been alive with the sound of security buffs ridiculing cryptocurrency trading platform, Enigma, for a purported hack that cost prospective customers approximately $500,000 in Ethereum. Apparently, the… Keep reading >

G-cloud 9 data security: beyond the lollipop lady

Advice Cloud offer organisations expert help with their UK G-Cloud submissions. This week they interviewed Alliantist CEO, Mark Darby for his thoughts on the public sector’s growing need for data… Keep reading >

Data Privacy Day and the business case for effective security planning

January 28th is International Data Privacy Day and serves as a reminder of the growing importance of data in our organisations and how we must protect it.Information security management is… Keep reading >

Avoid app overload and protect your organisation

Are you app 'appy or app fatigued? ...Forget multiple tools, now there is just one place to get all your information security, data privacy, and compliance work done well. Keep reading >

“What’s your password please caller?”

You are only as secure as your weakest linkKeeping information secure within your organisation rests on the actions of your staff. You can develop strong policies for information security. You… Keep reading >

It’s not just safeguarding of people required, it’s their data too

At a time when every penny counts, the people of Hampshire will be ruing the £100k fine placed on their County Council by the ICO.  What other services could be compromised… Keep reading >

Kaizen Inspiring a Management Philosophy for Information Security

Today I think I’m turning Japanese...I really think so! (The Vapors - 1980).Why? Because I’m contemplating Kaizen and its application to information security. Keep reading >

The great chain robbery – are suppliers your weakest link?

It was just over a year ago that US retailer HomeDepot suffered the world's second largest theft of credit card data. A staggering 56 million card details together with 53 million… Keep reading >

Gone Phishing – The need for an effective response to security incidents

Last week CSO Online reported yet another security breach, this time on the other side of the pond. An estimated 320,000 Time Warner Cable residential customers, using Time Warner as… Keep reading >

Nightmare on Cyber Street – managing the risks of remote working

My first day back at my desk on Monday this week and I almost scared myself to death reading this interesting article on cybercrime in 2015. The mere names associated… Keep reading >