ISO 27001 Help from

ISO 27001 Help from

The team at and Alliantist understand what’s involved in achieving ISO 27001, after going through the process in 2012. We have written a lot about ISO 27001 over the years, so here we have collated some of our most popular resources, on one page. An...

Information security priority for 2017

2016 will be remembered by many for some of the alarming cyber events that took place.

There were the allegations that the Russians may have influenced the US presidential campaigns through email interference.

Yahoo announced 500 million user accounts were stolen in 2013, endangering the terms of their acquisition negotiations with Verizon.

Outages of nearly 11 hours disrupted over 1 billion users worldwide in one of the largest cyber attacks in internet history. A DDoS attack on US DNS provider, Dyn, affected major sites including eBay, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, and Amazon.

An ISMS is for life not just for Christmas

An ISMS is for life not just for Christmas

Ensure your ISMS delivers long after the last unwanted gift has been discarded

Sensible CTO’s have been compiling their Christmas lists for some time.

There’s no time quite like the start of a new year to set business objectives and goals and embark on fresh projects that will bring about positive business improvements.

And, with security incidents now costing UK organisations an average of £2.6million, up 53% from 2015*, what better reason for placing information security at the top of the agenda in 2017.

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