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A few stories and experiences from some ISMS.online customers

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ISO 27001 DIY success

“The actual time invested in our ISMS implementation was probably only 2-3 weeks thanks to the massive headstart the ISMS.online platform gave us. We didn’t have to rush anything and still had the day job to do as well, so the elapsed time was around 10 months from start of the journey to UKAS certification award.

We definitely would not have made it without the ISMS.online system or much higher investment.”

Emmie Cooney- Operations Manager, Amigo Technology

Certified in 8 weeks

ISMS.online is a tremendous product that made the goal of ISO 27001 certification achievable despite the challenging timeframe we had set ourselves.

Richard Heald – Founder, CEO at CallSquad

“We’ve made more ISO 27001 progress in the last 2 weeks using ISMS.online than we have in the past year. We looked at a few other solutions and none came anywhere near to delivering the pragmatic processes needed for the complete ISMS.”

Tom at Workforce Development Trust

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Managing multiple frameworks

“ISMS.online is helping us improve and expand our existing ISMS to include SOC2 Trust Services Criteria. The available compliance standards, documentation, and tools, all work together in unison to assist workflow intuitively and with great guidance. We’re using the tool for collaboration and oversight and the linking of related objects across the ISMS keeps everything ‘joined-up’ and easy to navigate.

We made a great choice for our ISMS and would happily recommend it to others.”

Rens Van Dongen – Security Officer at iWelcome

“There is no doubt that ISMS.online was the one thing that ensured we attained full GDPR compliance in an organised and timely fashion. In fact, we have benefitted so much from it that we are looking to press on and use ISMS.online for the attainment of ISO 27001 during 2019“.

Andrew Rowley – Director TTG

Proxy Services receives positive feedback from it’s auditor!

“The auditor was very enthusiastic about our approach and was also enthusiastic about ISMS.online as our chosen tool.

ISMS.online is straightforward and stimulates a pragmatic approach to the ISMS.”

Richard Gerritsen – Security Officer at Proxy Services BV.

Straightforward decision & straightforward to use!

We didn’t even need to demo ISMS.online to recognise that the mix of technology and knowledge were exactly what we needed to accelerate our ISO 27001 certification. It didn’t disappoint either, it’s an excellent tool and is really straightforward and intuitive to use.

Linden Davis – Technical Director at ITConsilium

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“The platform has created an environment where I have an easily manageable workspace that gives me transparency and visibility. It’s making my job much easier as I can see everything going on and expedite the work much more quickly.”

“I’m able to collaborate where it makes sense to do so, as well as step back and observe what’s going on when required.

Steve Lawton – Data Protection Officer at FDM Group

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Improves existing ISMS

“ISMS.online is an adaptable and flexible platform which has easily enabled us to integrate the security standards we require.”

John Shannon – Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager, Workshare

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Global ISO 27001 certification success

While we had an understanding of the technical requirements of ISO 27001, it was ISMS.online that helped to bring it all alive quickly with structure and pre-built tools that enabled us to embed the ISMS across our international sites ”

Franchere Chan – Information Security Lead at Dubber

ISO 27001 certification success

“We are so pleased that we found this solution – it made everything fit together much more easily. ISMS.online helps drive our behaviour in a positive way around delivering the standard in a way that works for us and our culture.”

Emma Cooper system1 group

Emma Cooper – Managing Director, Group Operations at System1 Group

“We achieved more in 3 months with ISMS.online, at lower cost, than we did in 18 months previously.”

Alex Batchelor – COO at System1 Group



Ditching unwieldy spreadsheets

“We were seeking to streamline and simplify the administration of our ISO 27001 certified ISMS and to move away from unwieldy spreadsheets. Being able to easily manage risk, and join that up in one solution with all the other management functions, has been great. We haven’t regretted our decision to migrate and the quality and speed of support has been excellent”.

Ben Smith, Head of Data, IT & Security for Flood Re

“Our staff immediately took to the ISMS.online platform and it has really expedited our route to achieving ISO 27001 and GDPR. The Policy Pack feature makes it easy to track who has read company policies, giving us an instant audit trail documenting compliance – a big tick in the box when it comes to our audit for ISO 27001!”

Sandra Lewy – Director, Business Operations and Research Coordinator at IACCM (International Association for Contract & Commercial Management)

“There’s no getting away from how complex GDPR is but the platform helps to put it all into perspective. ISMS.online makes it simpler to see what still needs to be done and gives practical content, tips and tools to help you meet the requirements. We have no idea how we would manage GDPR on an ongoing basis without it”.

Anna Taylor – Operations Director at RecruitmentRevolution


Partner achieves certification

“ISMS.online is a fantastic product. I’ve done ISO 27001 the hard way… so I really value how much time it saved us in achieving our UKAS ISO 27001 certification, and how much easier and more effective the ongoing management will be too


In fact, we like it so much we’ve added it to the products we offer clients to complement our managed IT and security services”

Carl Vaughan – Information Security Officer at MET

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Quickly Improved ISMS

“We no longer waste time on unnecessary admin or have any worries about how or where to manage ISMS work processes. Everything we do is easily demonstrated in ISMS.online and this means we are now highly focused on the performance and results of our ISMS rather than on how to manage it.”

Andy Roberts – Head of Technology at Oldfield Partners LLP

“We were really excited to discover the additional value we can drive from the ISMS.online platform. It was an unexpected bonus that we could use its great tools to enhance our HR processes, carry out other projects and change management work.”

C. Madden – Information Security & Risk Director at FRP Advisory LLP.

our client boomerang

ISMS.online is helping us move towards certification at the pace and style we want to work.”

Andy Allen – Operations Director at Boomerang

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Zero to ISO 27001 certification in 14 weeks

Uniqodo chose ISMS.online to help make the processes, administration, and work required to achieve ISO 27001 certification simpler by having everything managed in one platform. Initial certification was quicker because many of the assets needed were prepared for us and it meant we went from zero to certification in 14 weeks.

Chris Giddins – CEO, Uniqodo

Virtual Coach for ISO 27001 is a great addition … the team and I have access to expert guidance every step of the way and can access it where and when we want. It means we can work at our own pace to ensure we reach our goals as quickly as we can…and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.”

Thomas Russell – Founder and Managing Director at Think Evolve Solve

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ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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