What is ISO 27001? – dev

What is it, Why You Should Follow it and What’s Involved

Interested in ISO 27001 as a differentiator for your business?

Here we will take you through:

  • What the standard is
  • What its benefits are
  • What achieving it might involve for you and your organisation

ISO 27001 will help you reduce information security and privacy risks

Security threats are constantly growing. New data breaches make the headlines every day. So more and more organisations are realising that poor infosec can be costly, whether it leads to breaches of their own or their customers’ valuable information.

That’s why so many organisations are creating ISO 27001-certified information security management systems, or ISMSs. An effective ISMS will help you meet all your information security objectives and deliver other benefits too. And any scale and type of organisation, from government agencies to commercial companies, can use ISO 27001 to create an ISMS.

Several of the ISO 27001 requirements also fulfil those of GDPR and Data Protection Act compliance and give much greater information assurance overall. Implementing ISO 27001 will show regulatory authorities that your organisation takes the security of information it holds seriously and, having identified the risks, done as much as is reasonably possible to address them. Your risk management process will be both robust and easy to demonstrate. And it’s an excellent gateway to other management systems standards too.


ISO 27001 is the recognised international standard that others build from, whether they’re dealing with:

  • Computer security
  • Physical security
  • Broader cybersecurity
  • Other privacy
  • Just building best practices

An ISO 27001-certified ISMS will help you

  • Reduce the likelihood of infosec breaches
  • React to them more quickly if and when they do happen
  • Quickly and easily demonstrate the controls you have in place

That will reduce the potential impacts of these security risks. And because it’s the internationally recognised ‘best-practice’ standard, achieving ISO 27001 certification will help win your organisation new customers and retain existing business.

The people you want to work with will feel confident that you’ll look after their valuable assets and information security. It will also help you show them that you’re serious about their physical and environmental security.


ISO 27001 means saving time and money

Why spend lots of money solving a problem (for example, loss of customer information) in a time of crisis when it costs a fraction of that to prepare for it in advance? With an ISO 27001-certified information security management system, you’ll have all your information security incident management plans and systems set up and ready to go. It’s the most cost-effective way of protecting your information assets.

You’ll base your risk management plans on a robust, thorough risk assessment. Ongoing internal audits will make sure your ISMS meets the ever-evolving threat of digital crime with new security techniques and information security controls. And with our help you can measure the ROI on your information security risk management investment.

You’ll also cut your cost of sales. Customers are increasingly seeking assurance of their suppliers’ information security management and data protection capabilities. Your sales department will probably testify to the amount and the length of the ‘requests for information’ they regularly have to deal with as part of the sales process and how that is growing all the time. Holding ISO 27001 certification will minimise the detail you need to provide, simplifying and accelerating your sales process.

ISO 27001 boosts a reputation and builds trust in the organisation

It’s bad enough having your systems hacked and your customer data exposed and exploited. What’s worse is when news of that kind of breach starts spreading. It can do severe damage to your reputation and with it your bottom line. With an ISO 27001 ISMS, you’ll have carried out a robust risk assessment and created a thorough, practical risk treatment plan. So you’ll be in a better position to identify breach risks and prevent them before they happen.

Like many things in business, trust is important. But demonstrating that your ISMS has been independently audited by an accredited certification body solidifies that trust. Your customers will quickly and easily see that it’s based on secure system engineering principles. They won’t need to take your operations security on trust, because you’ll be able to prove you’ve met the relevant ISO management system standards.