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Winning the ISO 27001 game

Succeeding at ISO 27001 is like playing Snakes and Ladders

  • There’s a clear finishing line, but it’s a long way away
  • There are ladders that help you, but you might not find them
  • There are snakes that can send you back to square one
  • Once you’ve won you’ll start all over again

We’ll help you win

At we don’t like frustration. We like simple, practical, helpful solutions. So we’ll:

  • Reshape the board to make sure you win
  • Help you find every ladder and dodge every snake
  • Make sure you know exactly why you’re playing
  • Make winning every time so much easier
Accelerate your ISO 27001 implementation

Simplifying the board

Achieving ISO 27001 certification takes 140 separate steps. That’s a complex journey. We grouped them into four blocks and created a simple path through them.

We know it’s the right path because 100% of the organisations that follow our Assured Results Method achieve certification on their first attempt.

  • Planning your strategy and thinking through your infrastructure
  • Sorting out your management system
  • Putting the right tactical controls in place
  • Making it all operational and keeping it up to date

Finding every ladder

Our solutions are like ladders. They’ll help you zip across the ISO 27001 board. We’ll always have one ready when and where you need it. They include:

  • Flexible, comprehensive, transparent and easy-to-use ISMS software
  • A 77% certification process head start with our pre-configured platform, actionable content and built-in tools
  • Practical, context-specific advice from our Virtual Coach
  • A live support team that’ll help you climb every ladder

Dodging every snake

The ISO 27001 process is full of snakes. Some of them look like ladders until they send you back to square one. They can even trigger a failed audit. They include:

  • Important details that are easy to miss
  • Definitions, requirements and controls that are hard to understand
  • Lead implementer programmes that share information without guidance
  • One-size-fits-all document toolkits that don’t flex to meet your needs
  • Gap analyses that highlight problems but don’t help you fix them

Knowing why you’re playing

As part of our engagement process, we’ll help you define what winning means for you. You’ll understand:

  • Why your organisation needs ISO 27001 and how it’ll profit from it
  • What makes a good ISMS and how yours should work
  • How to get certified with our system and what you’ll do next

And our system’s very transparent. If you choose us your stakeholders and auditors will easily see how well you’re doing, so they’ll support all your future games too.

Winning every time

Once you’ve achieved your certification we’ll help you sustain, maintain and improve your ISMS. Our team of infosec specialists are constantly:

  • Building stronger, higher ladders
  • Stamping out any new snakes

That takes the chance out of the certification process. We’ll turn it into a game you can’t lose, no matter how many times you play.

How we learned the game

We know we can help you keep winning because we’ve played the game ourselves. began when Alliantist, our parent company, stepped onto the board.

Alliantist looked around for a flexible, affordable, practical ISMS. But it couldn’t find one. So it created its own and used it to achieve ISO 27001.

Along the way it ran into several snakes and found (or built) lots of ladders. It learned from every single one. That learning went into its ISMS, which became

So avoiding the snakes and climbing the ladders is part of our DNA. We know how to help you because we’ve been you.

And since began we’ve helped many other organisations win by equipping them with an affordable, sustainable ISMS.

That’s how we know we can quickly and easily get you to the finish line too.

Let’s win together

Don’t leave your ISO 27001 success to chance.

We’d love to help you win, again and again and again.

See our simple, powerful platform in action