About ISMS.online

About us

We provide simplified, secure and sustainable cloud-based management system solutions that help organisations succeed and grow.

Well-built and comprehensive Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) enable organisations to show with certainty that they can be trusted to meet their stakeholder goals, no matter what. You wouldn’t build your own CRM or HR management systems nowadays and it’s the same with an ISMS, BCMS, PIMS or an integrated management system.

ISMS.online is the only management system you need for your information security, privacy and other compliance work.

We serve hundreds of customers from all over the world. They range from larger enterprises looking to improve their management systems, through to very small businesses aiming to achieve standards like ISO 27001 for the first time.

Our team and investors

We’re a friendly, hardworking team of 50 people and growing, with a strong supply chain and an international partner network. Customers have chosen us to help them achieve their goals since 2004.

Our size and maturity gives us a depth of experience, product strength and financial stability that eludes other companies in our sector. Whilst we’ve been around for a while, we also stay up to date with ongoing investments in our people and cloud software services.

We’re headquartered on the UK’s South Coast, with satellite offices in Europe and Asia Pacific, complemented by partners in many locations to offer round the clock support. And we always think globally, because the whole world needs better information security management.

Alliantist Limited is the organisation behind ISMS.online. It is owned by its staff and our investment partner Cow Corner, who have been involved in helping us grow since late 2019.

We chose Cow Corner (or rather, joined their herd) because, like us, they believe that it’s people that make businesses. And they know that fusing our knowledge with SaaS technology creates a great compliance solution. Their simple, practical, hands-on support is key to our growth.

In 2019, Tech Nation Cyber named us one of the UK’s top 20 cybersecurity scale ups as part of their first national cybersecurity growth programme. The scheme uses government funding to help carefully selected businesses like us grow to the next level. In October 2021 Tech Nation also identified us as one of the top 30 UK scale up tech firms and we joined its Upscale 7 programme.

How ISMS.online began

Alliantist has been developing secure cloud services for over a decade. We started with pam, a system that helps police forces and their partners share sensitive information with confidence. To support it, we needed to achieve ISO 27001 and several other information security credentials.

We looked long and hard for a practical, affordable, effective, single platform to help us achieve and maintain those essential standards. But we couldn’t find one. So we built our own ISMS, creating an all-in-one system that helped us become safer, more resilient and more attractive.

Customers, auditors and other interested parties applauded it. Their feedback helped it grow and evolve. Then they began to ask if they could use it themselves. At the same time, the market’s need for effective information security management was growing fast.

So we launched ISMS.online

The experience of developing our own ISMS is a key part of that important DNA. We know exactly what it’s like to step into the complex, confusing world of ISO 27001 and information security management for the first time, because that’s exactly how we started out ourselves.

So we decided to bring our simplified, secure, sustainable approach to help others with a range of compliance and regulatory challenges, not just ISO 27001. And over time we’ve added even more experience and expertise into the team, including veterans in the world of standards and regulations, whilst retaining that desire to help others and remain pragmatic in how work gets done.

We continue to live and breathe the ISMS.online system ourselves and we work closely with our customers and partners to keep enhancing it. And of course, its helped us demonstrate, with certainty, all the security credentials you’d expect and more from organisations operating in this space.