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We help organisations become more resilient and secure, so they can prove to stakeholders they’ll achieve their goals no matter what.

We Turn Trust Into Certainty offers the most practical, affordable path to ISMS certainty, with everything our customers need all in one place. We’ve already helped organisations in the UK, Europe, the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere achieve their information security and continuity goals. Now we’re growing fast to reach new customers across the world.

We serve many different kinds of organisation. But whether they’re an SME or a multinational, a charity or a government body, they all have two goals in common. They want to:

  • Make their organisation safer, more resilient and more successful
  • Prove they’ve done that to their customers and other key stakeholders
ISO 27001 certification made easy

Why We’re Here

Increasing levels of privacy awareness are driving stronger data protection regulations worldwide. Cybercrime’s becoming more of a challenge everywhere.

That’s why information security management has become such a big issue for organisations across every sector, and at every level of size, maturity and confidence. Our challenging modern times are also bringing supply chain continuity and resilience concerns into ever-sharper focus.

That’s where we come in.

We want to help all organisations become more secure and resilient, then easily demonstrate that to their stakeholders. We want to do that regardless of whether they’re a private, public or third sector organisation, an SME or a larger enterprise, or an information security newcomer, improver or expert.

What We Do

Our service flexes to give all of those different kinds of organisations the support they need, whenever they need it. We can help them achieve anything from their first implementation of an ISO 27001 ISMS to much more advanced management systems activity, integrating multiple standards, regulations and other business practices.

We also want to make it much easier for them to maintain their new information security status. So helps organisations keep improving in line with ISO and other standards, and of course good business management principles in general.

We’ve accomplished that by believing in:

The power of the right system to meet the right need at the right time
Simplicity as a strength that builds understanding and certainty
Being helpful to all, because increased security, continuity and resilience is a universal good

Those powerful, simple, helpful principles shaped our world-leading ISMS offer. They inspired our unique cloud software, its complimentary services and our pricing model. They guide us every day as we build our customer relationships and grow our Partner Programme.

In fact, they’re how we’ve revolutionised the whole ISMS creation and management process, turning it into something that’s accessible and affordable for all.

How Began

Alliantist, the organisation behind, has been developing secure cloud services for over a decade.

We started with pam, a system that helps police forces and their partners share sensitive information with confidence. To support it, we needed to achieve ISO 27001 and several other information security accreditations.

We looked long and hard for a practical, affordable, effective, all-in-one tool to help us achieve and maintain those accreditations. But we couldn’t find one. So we built our own ISMS, creating an all-in-one system that helped us become safer, more resilient and more attractive.

Customers, auditors and other interested parties applauded it. Their feedback helped it grow and evolve. Then they began to ask if they could use it themselves. At the same time, the market’s need for effective information security management was growing fast.

So we launched

Our experience of developing our own ISMS is part of’s DNA. We know exactly what it’s like to step into the complex, confusing world of ISO 27001 and information security management for the first time, because that’s exactly how we started out ourselves.

isms online iso 27001 project screen

We continue to live and breathe the system. We use it to manage our business, and we work closely with our customers and partners to keep enhancing it. And it’s helped us achieve all the security credentials and credibility you’d expect from a firm that exists to turn trust into certainty.

Who We Are

We love simplifying the complex and sharing our knowledge in easy-to-use ways. We’re obsessed with making things better, but only when it’s useful for our customers. We’re open, honest and approachable, and we do our best to be there for everyone.

That’s because we’re passionate about helping organisations become more secure and resilient, then prove they’ve done it, in the most practical, affordable way possible. We know that increased global safety, resilience and continuity creates certainty that’s good for us all.

Our Investors and Supporters

Our staff own over 50% of our business, alongside our investment partner Cow Corner. We chose them (or, as they’d say, joined their herd) because, like us, they believe that it’s people that make businesses. And they know that fusing our knowledge with SaaS technology creates a great compliance solution. So they give us powerful, simple, practical support we really appreciate.

In 2019, Tech Nation Cyber named us one of the UK’s top 20 cybersecurity scale ups when they chose us to be part of their first national cybersecurity growth programme. The scheme uses government funding to help carefully selected businesses like us grow to the next level. is a fabulous product that meets a real need in the market, Mark Darby and his team have done a cracking job developing the business to this stage and we are very excited to be working with them.

Matthew Rourke
Founder and Managing Partner of Cow Corner.

Our People

We’re a friendly, hardworking team of over 30 people and growing, with a strong supply chain and an international network of trusted partners. Our customers have trusted us to achieve their goals since 2004.

Because we’re small we’re nimble. We can act more quickly and at a much lower cost than much larger firms. And our maturity gives us a depth of experience, product strength and financial stability that eludes other, similar-sized companies in our sector.

We’re proud to be headquartered on the UK’s South Coast, because of its excellent talent and infrastructure, easy access to global transport hubs and great quality of life. But we also draw on resources based around the world.

And we always think globally, because the whole world needs information security.