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Meet the NIST Cyber Security Standard

National Institute of Standards & Technology

The NIST Cyber Security Framework – What does it involve and how can help?

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Improving your critical infrastructure cyber security

The National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA has produced a framework to help organisations align their cyber security defence planning, and protect the infrastructure from being compromised by the threat of cyber crime.

NIST Cyber Security gives private sector organisations a framework of policies to help prevent attacks from cyber criminals, as well as detect and respond to ones that do gain access. In the video below, the National Institute of Standards and Technology explain more about the original aim of the NIS framework, and the standards, guidelines and best practices behind it.

A Cyber Security explainer video from the National Institute of Standards and Technology can provide you with a platform to get you on the way to achieving the standard.

Each section of NIST Cyber_security Cyber Security is detailed in the secure platform, which makes it easy to follow. This cuts down on your workload, costs and the stress of not knowing if you have done everything right.

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