We practice what we preach

We treat your data as we do our own. And we treat our own very carefully indeed.

We’re ISO 27001 certified

We’re certified by a UKAS-accredited certification body to ISO 27001 through Alliantist, the company behind ISMS.online. You can see our ISO 27001 certificate here. The certification scope covers our:

  • Organisation
  • People
  • Services

Our primary datacentre hosting supplier is based in the UK. It has world class information security measures and certifications in place. As part of our own ISO 27001 certification we make sure that, where necessary, our other suppliers either:

  • Have their own certified ISMS
  • Follow our policies and controls
See how we’ll get you to ISO 27001

We’re GDPR compliant

We follow the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) checklists for the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018. They include 120 activities that make sure we handle personal data responsibly and in accordance with the law. We also follow ISO 27701, which covers privacy information management.

Our GDPR experience is all ready to help you

We have Pan Government Accreditation and Public Services Network certification

Alliantist was the only supplier of its type to achieve Pan Government Accreditation to work on early government cloud frameworks. We still hold Public Services Network certification, so we still formally meet those high standards.

We’ve also met the requirements for the HMG Security Policy Framework and its related policies and controls. For example, we run Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) checks and other vetting on new hires.

We support Single Sign-On

We support Single Sign-On (SSO). We can work with an ever-growing list of identity providers, including Google, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta. It’s simpler and more convenient for users, and much more secure too.

We offer two-factor authentication

We offer two-factor authentication (2FA) for all our customers. Wherever possible, our people use 2FA for the services that help them deliver and support ISMS.online. That adds an extra layer of security to both our platform and our supplier relationships.

We’re penetration tested at least once a year

Our platform and infrastructure undergo a penetration test in line with CHECK testing standards at least once a year. We also run one if there are material changes to either of them. And we’ve been rated A+ by independent SSL inspectors using the Qualsys review process.

We’re cloud secure

We follow the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s Cloud Security Principles. They’re 14 principles that make sure we securely configure and deploy our cloud-based services. That keeps you safe as you use them.

We have many other safeguards

We follow a range of other data protection safeguards, in line with GDPR. Our service includes everything you’d expect from a smart SaaS service with strong security options and great privacy controls at levels of work and access permission management. We’ve detailed them in our Terms and Conditions.

We’re always here for you

We offer in-depth support to all our customers. The exact level of support varies depending on the different packages they choose to buy, but it always involves dealing with actual human beings. To find out more, check out our support policy or just come and meet our support teams.

99.5% up time, usually with 100% reliability

24/7/365 online availability

How we do it

We use our platform to manage our ISO 27001 certification, and show compliance with other standards and regulations.

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Platform features

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