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Implementing ISO 27001 and need a little extra help?

Implementing a successful (and sustainable) information security management system can be challenging, especially if you or members of the implementation team are not experienced on the topic of ISO 27001. Whether it is for addressing confidence or capability gaps, sometimes we need that extra bit of coaching, without breaking the bank on specialist experts (especially if we want that answer outside of normal working hours!)

Alongside the pre-configured workspaces and technology at the heart of, and in addition to the actionable policies and controls documentation that is included, we’ve also created the Virtual Coach.   Neatly integrated with the time-saving features, tools, actionable policies and controls and other content, you are now also equipped with the confidence and capability to achieve your ISO 27001:2103/17 certification goals faster, and at a tiny fraction of the cost of alternatives. 

Getting started with Virtual Coach

Your Virtual Coach has been put together to help you work at the pace you want to work. It is available to you online, 24/7, directly inside your ISO 27001 Policies and Controls workspace. You get practical guidance for how to meet each of the ISO 27001 core requirements and Annex A controls, ensuring you quickly and easily achieve a certifiable ISMS that delivers the results you want.

Virtual Coach also includes an ISO 27001 Preparing for Success Project with approximately 4 hours of preparatory learning materials. It will give you and your colleagues the confidence to begin your implementation and follow the most optimal route to success using ARM, our Assured Results Method.  We’ll guide you on how to plan, where to start, how to progress through your implementation and what to consider as you come up for and go through your certification audits.  Virtual Coach also acts as competence building material that independent auditors like to see from the key players involved in the ISMS.  All at the comfort of your laptop or mobile device with no need to travel anywhere for ISO 27001 lead implementor training courses. 

In this video extract from the Virtual Coach series, you go about identifying internal and external issues in line with ISO 27001 clause 4.1.

What else do you get?

Alongside the easy to digest videos in the Virtual Coach, we also give you checklists, examples and guides that make the whole process of ISO 27001 implementation so much simpler.

These additional pieces of information relate directly to the area you are working on at the time and help you apply the ISO 27001 requirements and controls to your own organisation.

All of the content you get in the Virtual Coach is tried and tested, and is designed to help you achieve ISO 27001 faster than you would working alone.

WEM Technology is already using Virtual Coach

“Great way to see the power of the platform. Watching the videos in the ISO 27001 Preparation Project provides useful information. Marking the Virtual Coach activities as complete shows a progress bar which really instils the confidence needed to complete the policies and controls and just go for it! The Virtual Coach is well structured and easy to follow.”

Vin Jauhal, Managing Director at WEM Technology

Discover how to accelerate your ISO 27001 certification

ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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