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Implementing ISO 27001 and need a little extra help?

We’ve all been there. We think we have a handle on our policies, but then we get stuck on something. Building an ISMS can take considerable effort. This is why we’ve brought together Mark Darby, entrepreneur, author and founder, and Simon Taylor, an Information Security Specialist, to give you help on delivering an ISO 27001:2013 certified ISMS. And one that you can maintain and improve way into the future.

We have made this complementary service available at a fraction of what would normally cost tens of thousands of pounds. We introduce to you, Virtual Coach.

Getting started with Virtual Coach

Your Virtual Coach has been put together to help you work at the pace you want to work. It is available to you online, 24/7, directly alongside the activities you need to complete. Perfectly complementing our software, tools, and policy content, your Virtual Coach will give you practical guidance to ensure you quickly and easily achieve a certifiable ISMS that delivers demonstrable results.

Right there in the platform, simply click on the left hand toggle of the area you need assistance on. You will either get down to earth videos from our experts to talk you through your ISO implementation, or easy to digest information in the form of text snippets or links to external resources.

In this video from the Virtual Coach series, you can go about identifying internal and external issues.

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Like most things in life, they’re easier when you know how. And in the ISO 27001 management requirements, there is a clear expectation of what needs to get done, but it’s not entirely clear how you do some of those things. So we’re going to make that easy for you with a range of tools and templates to help you accelerate through, to get these jobs done.

ISO 27001 4.1

4.1 is very important. It’s great because it starts to take the strategic aspects of your organisations and starts to drill down into the elements of the standard and sets the scene for everything else that follows.

4.1 is really about the context and the purpose of the organisation and the internal and external issues. So when we think about how to do some of that, let us just consider that we obviously need to know about the background, purpose and the context of your organisation, and hopefully, you have got people on your team that understand that. And that will lead to the internal and external issues.

Internal Issues

  • Information – What information have we got?
  • People – What people issues do we have? Hiring, firing, recruiting
  • Organisation – Operational issues
  • Products/services – Issues with your offering
  • Systems – Manual and digital systems issues

External Issues

As a team, you might want to post-it note some of these up. The idea being, this starts to trigger for you the issues, internally and externally, facing the organisation. And that will lead on to the interested parties and the scope that we will deal with separately.

Document them in your 4.1 environment and follow the rest of the plan accordingly.

What else do you get?


Alongside the easy to digest videos in the Virtual Coach, we also give you checklists and guides at no additional cost. These additional pieces of information relate directly to the section you are working on at the time.

All of the content you get in the Virtual Coach is tried and tested, and is designed to help you achieve ISO 27001 faster than you would working alone.

WEM Technology is already using Virtual Coach

“Great way to see the power of the platform. Watching the videos in the ISO 27001 Preparation Project provides useful information, and marking the Virtual Coach activities as complete shows a progress bar which really instils the confidence needed to complete the policies and controls and just go for it! The Virtual Coach is well structured and easy to follow.”

Vin Jauhal, Managing Director at WEM Technology

Discover how the Virtual Coach programme will help you achieve your ISO 27001 goals and enhance your Information Security Management System experience

ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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