ISMS Evaluation and improvement tools

Audits, actions and reviews

Having a management system that helps you meet the standard’s requirements and your auditor’s expectations is fundamental to success. Ensuring your organisation has an easy to follow process for non-conformities, corrective actions and improvements will save you time but also reduce expenses associated with physical meetings. Our platform lets you do this in one, secure place in a simple and sustainable way.

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Creating your audit plans, corrective actions and reviews

  • Save time with our proven pre-configured processes and areas of work
  • Edit your audit and management review programmes to reflect your needs
  • Customise our corrective actions and improvements process to make the management system work for you
  • Easily evidence findings by uploading supporting documents, writing notes and creating links to related areas

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Collaborating with stakeholders in

  • Effortlessly inform yourself and your stakeholders by having everything in one place
  • Simply coordinate stakeholders and colleagues by assigning team membership, permissions and access controls

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Controlling your audits, actions and reviews

  • Save time on management and audit reviews with a full audit trail
  • Accelerate decision making using the insights displayed on the dashboard
  • Stay on top of your reviews and audits through version control, time stamps, reminders and notifications

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Communicating with your team and external parties

  • Easily share your status with external parties such as auditors, by giving them limited access to the areas required
  • Interact with team members and track conversations with our discussion tool
  • Link all elements of activity back to areas within your management system to form a connected view

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Working in a sustainable management system is a sustainable environment and will facilitate the evolution of your organisation.

  • Integrate new standards as you grow and evolve
  • Save time by managing audits, actions and reviews for multiple standards in one place

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Security and privacy

No matter which standard or regulation you’re working towards, you’ll need to store important information. It’s key that you’re able to trust where your content and documentation is stored and that it ensures confidentiality, availability and integrity. prides itself in providing an easily accessible solution, whilst maintaining high levels of security, assuring peace of mind. See our security credentials here.

Our practical user permission controls and privacy settings also allow you to restrict who has access to your documentation.

Audit plans, corrective actions and reviews for ISO 27001

We’ve aligned our ISMS solution with ISO 27001, meaning that the platform is centered around meeting the requirements of the standard.

  • Satisfy requirements 10.1 and 10.2 for corrective actions and improvements
  • Stay on top of your audits and reviews with a visual snapshot which you can also show to your auditor to demonstrate your compliance


Functionality available within the Policies and Controls feature area

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Platform features

Disconnected templates and toolkits supported by an expensive consultant just don’t cut it anymore. You need an ISMS that works for you both now and as your business grows.