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An integrated approach to the Information Asset Inventory

Connecting your assets with risks, controls and suppliers to protect them better

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Dynamic management

Move beyond the static spreadsheet to bring alive the information asset inventory requirements of ISO 27001:2103/17 in one secure place which connects with the wider ISMS.

Quickly classify assets with pre-configured, but customisable, settings and assign asset owners with automatic alerts of review dates.

Allocate financial values to your assets to help in the prioritisation of management activities.

Capture all your workings in the notes area for evidence and audit trail, making use of the collaboration features to discuss and task others whose input may be needed.

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Quickly and simply join it all up

Use our powerful linking feature to demonstrate how your assets connect to other areas of your ISMS, including the associated risks, the suppliers and processors that may also impact them, and any related policies and controls.

The asset inventory also fulfills the requirements of GDPR and can optionally link to your Personal Data Inventory & Records Processing Tracker to demonstrate how you have connected the personal data with processing assets and, subsequently, the risks associated with them.

Now discover how makes light work of risk identification, evaluation, and treatment.

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