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Achieve information security in the supply chain

With increasing reliance on suppliers for delivery of information based services, & GDPR regulations, you need a joined-up approach to supplier management

For organisations that want to integrate supply chain information security management within their ISMS, or for those without the need or budget for stand-alone, expensive supply chain solutions, there’s If you’re looking to hone your GDPR compliance or are looking to ISO 27001, you’ve come to the right place.

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ISO 27001 certification made easy

Seamlessly collaborate with your supply chain

Not all suppliers are equal, and some need more attention than others to keep your business on track.

Adopt our policy of Supplier Segmentation to help focus your resources on the suppliers with the most value and risk. The policy addresses the requirements for Control Objective 15 from ISO 27001:2013, and will save you money too.

You can also use the functionality within the platform for collaboration with your strategic suppliers. Work together in one safe place to deliver success and ensure one view of the data, freeing you to focus each other on the goal at lower cost and risk than old-fashioned emails that can get lost, or time-consuming physical meetings.

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Secure relationship management

Whether you are working with suppliers, partners or other third parties, you need an area for working privately internally around that relationship. offers an all-in-one workspace for managing the relationship and its component parts.

No more losing key contact information or waiting until someone is back in the office because the information you need is left on their email…

Capture key contacts, including the data protection lead for GDPR purposes, and automatically create a history for internal communications, coordination and audit history.

Link to key contacts from your disaster recovery plan and ensure everyone knows who to contact quickly in case of an emergency.

A screenshot of the platform showing ISO 27001 supply chain

Capture contracts & supplier documentation

Onboard, nurture and manage supplier relationships, in accordance with ISO 27001 Annex A15, and GDPR.

Upload contracts and other supporting documents to ensure all your valuable supplier information is kept securely in one place.

Undertake version or change control of contracts and schedules easily. Ensure everyone is on the same page and the history of movement is captured for future learning and efficient audit.

No more being caught out by the auto-renewal of contracts or missed opportunities to negotiate improvements. Assign account owners, contract managers and set renewal dates to get reminded of key date.

You can even create links between the supplier, data they may be processing for you, assets they impact on, or any other part of your ISMS.

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Monitor performance

Your supply chain needs to deliver on its promises for your business to succeed.

You can monitor the success of your supplier and other third-party relationships with simple and meaningful performance measures.

It’s also important to monitor the satisfaction of your account holders. Unhappy stakeholders can cost you money, so it’s important to be able to easily demonstrate that your supply chain is happy.

You can even manage a complete Supply Chain by using Clusters to bring them together in one place for visibility, insights and control.

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